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Dave Grohl’s Tattoos, Family, and More

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl, as a musician, is often surrounded by music, but he has also been seen as a tattoo enthusiast for many years.

The famous musician has numerous tattoos, including art inspired by his interests as well as tribute inks for his loved ones.

Tattoos by Dave Grohl

Grohl began his tattoo career as a teen and has continued to this day. He tried to make the black flag emblem, the John Bonham 3 circles, and an x on his elbow in the past, but he didn’t like them.

Then, during his time with Nirvana, he attempted to create another three-circle design, which was later obscured by a solid back square.

Continuing his tattoo experience, he created a popular feather tattoo, which Kat Vond inked.

Following this tattoo, Dave Grohl visited London for his show and opted to get another tattoo there; this experience justifies the phrase “new place, the new tattoo” for Dave.

Grohl met Lal Hardy in London and decided to get the Foo Fighters’ logo tattooed on his neck. Dave’s fans seem to like this ink as well.

In his other tattoo tale, Dave used his tattoo to pay respect to one of his favorite singers. This ink was intended for his close friend, Lemmy Kilmister.

Grohl was greatly moved by the news of Lemmy’s passing and chose to honor his friend by getting a Motorhead-inspired tattoo on his forearm. “Royal Tattooist” inked the tattoo.

Dave Grohl- Professional Career

Before becoming a member of the famed band Nirvana, Dave went through a hard patch and joined other bands. Nameless was his first band, and it was through them that he began his singing career. However, his first band in which he played the drums was Mission Impossible.

On October 11, 1990, Dave entered Nirvana and played his debut show at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington. He eventually became close to each member of the band, including Kurt Cobain.

Later that month, Dave moved into Kurt Cobain’s Olympia apartment at 114 North Pear Street and stayed for eight months. But because the only room was a bedroom, Dave found it difficult to stay and eventually departed the place.

Dave founded a short-lived band called Allister Lobb in April 1992 with his big sister Lisa, who played bass in the round.

The newly formed band then recorded a five-track instrumental demo, the most popular of which was Make A Bet, Podunk, and How I Miss You.

Aside from music, Grohl has written a memoir called ‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music.’

Family of Dave Grohl

Dave always puts his family first, and his gorgeous family consists of his father, James Grohl, his mother, Virginia Grohl, and his sister, Lisa Grohl.

His father, James Harper Grohl, was an award-winning writer and political consultant who had a close relationship with him for many years.

Dave’s mother also published a book titled From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars, which had an impact on his professional life. She has kept the tale of her son and daughter in the book.

In addition, a series based on Grohl’s mother’s book, From Cradle to Stage, has been made.

He is currently a member of the band Foo Fighters, whose most recent album, ‘Medicine at Midnight,’ was released on February 5, 2021, and charted on the Billboard 200.

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