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Danny Duncan Accident Update: What Happened To Him? Death Hoax

Danny Duncan

The latest information about Danny Duncan’s accident has many interested. Danny Duncan’s followers were concerned that he had perished away.

In August 2023, a death fake was spread about the social media star, yet she is still alive and well.

Florida-born YouTuber Danny Duncan, whose actual name is Gary Winthrop, is well-known. Born on July 27, 1992, he was raised by his mother, sister, and half-brother, Matthew.

Duncan began uploading videos to YouTube in 2014, and his clever one-liners and antics soon made him well-known.

In 2019, the star launched his own clothing line with Killer Merch. Let us investigate the specifics of Danny Duncan’s accident.

Update on Danny Duncan’s Accident: What Took His Place?

The aforementioned celebrity gained popularity with his YouTube video, which had the caption “Danny Duncan dead.”

In the video “We Jumped My Car Through an RV!”, Duncan explains his intentions to unlock the doors of his RV and drive his red Mustang through it.

He adds, “It will either go through it or not.” Next, when the vehicle smashes through the RV, Duncan is seen dangling over the rear of the vehicle.

Duncan is shown extensively damaging his RV, which has a picture of his face, in a later part in the film.

Every now and again, he throws a chair at the rear glass of the automobile, shattering it. At the very conclusion of the movie, Duncan is seen talking to the camera from inside the RV.

As he takes a step back, a camera shows the Mustang smashing into the RV, giving the impression that Duncan was inside.

Fans are lucky to know that this is not a real video since in the last movie, Duncan was not inside the RV when the car drove into it.

Using the footage, several social media users started a death hoax.

Death Hoax for Danny Duncan

One person posted on Twitter the little clip from Duncan’s YouTube video that seemed to show him inside the RV when the automobile passed through it.

The video’s description said, “YouTuber Danny Duncan hospitalized after being hit by a car.”

The exact same video was posted by another user with the caption “Rip Danny Duncan.” Fortunately, Duncan was unhurt while making his video, and these accusations are untrue.

Shortly after Duncan uploaded “We Jumped My Car Through an RV!” on YouTube, the death hoax started.

He shared the video early on August 23, 2023, and as of this writing, over 408,000 people had seen it.

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