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Danielle Cohn | Boyfriend And Relationship

Danielle Cohn

American singer-songwriter Danielle Cohn is well-known on social media. The worries around Danielle Cohn’s boyfriend are one of the few things that make her a media topic, despite the fact that she has millions of followers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

In addition, she has a history of several romantic relationships. Here’s a whole story of her romantic adventures. Join us as we explore.

In 2022, who is Danielle Cohn’s boyfriend?

Danielle is now dating Mikey Tua, a social media celebrity and fellow musician, as of 2021. False reports have been spreading about their split.AD

Even though they had broken up a few times in the past, Dannielle and Mikey are still together and dating as of October 2020.

As a matter of fact, they often post content on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Speaking about their split, they had parted ways for a short while before getting back together. Let’s discuss about their current situation first, then go on to their split later in this piece.

Right now, Danielle Cohn and Mikey appear to be much in love.

Though there was some conflict and miscommunication between Danielle and Mikey in the past, everything appears to be resolved now. The pair appears to be much in love, as seen by their recent frequent appearances on one other’s social media accounts.

Together, they were also visible on TikTok and Danielle’s YouTube page. In an Instagram image from September 24, 2020, Cohn and Mikey were seen striking various positions.

Additionally, Danielle wrote “Happily Ever After” in a September 16 Instagram post, referencing her union with Mikey.

Cohn’s and Mikey’s New Ink Together

Do you think the couple who were about to break up got fresh tattoos to symbolize their love for one another? Indeed! Yes, you are correct—they are incredibly infatuated.

“Forever to the Moon” is the matching tattoo that Danielle and Mikey have on their bodies. Cohn’s lover Mikey has etched “To the moon” on her wrist, while she has “Forever” tattooed on hers.

Recently, the vocalist of Somebody Like You shared a picture of their tattoo on Instagram. Look into this.

Additionally, she provided an explanation of the significance of the exquisite tattoo on her YouTube channel. Above all, their tattoo conveys a great deal about the sort of love and commitment they have.

They’d briefly parted ways earlier.

Although they were temporarily apart in the past, Cohn and Mikey are currently together. After the two staged their wedding and then their pregnancy, all of the issues in their relationship started.

Even though their engagement and pregnancy were a joke, it backfired on them because they were both less than eighteen. Mikey’s parents allegedly took over his social media accounts.

Mikey’s mother Katie expressed her worries about her kid on Instagram in reaction to the same. Says she

Tua’s father also spoke his opinions on the subject in addition to his mother. He began by expressing his affection for his kid and continued,

He wants to be free, and I get that, but being free might mean doing time in prison. As parents, we have a responsibility to shield him from any damage.

Danielle Answered Mikey’s Parents’ Allegations

Danielle answered to every claim, even though Mikey was unable to access his social media accounts. Cohn countered that Mikey’s parents were pressuring her boyfriend Mikey to do things.

She went so far as to say that his parents are so violent and repulsive that they don’t even deserve to be parents. She said,

These parents are aggressive, filthy, and unworthy of having children, so don’t believe a word they say. Their children are regarded as investments and as their physical walking banks. In actuality, Katie stated, “They are an investment.” They will return our investment, which we made in them.

Alleged Connection To Landon Asher Barker

According to some reports, Danielle is seeing Landon Asher Barker, the son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. But that is wholly incorrect. Asher and Barker are actually simply pals.

Following their appearance together on Landon’s TikTok, there were whispers of a romance between the two.

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