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Dana White Slapping Scandal, What Did He Do To His Anne Stella White

Dana White

The best business mind in the combat sports sector is known as Dana White. The UFC President, who has been with the business for a long time, is responsible for the growth of MMA in combat sports.

Dana White personal life evolved at the same time as his career did. Dana White, the president of the UFC, is well-known, but few people are familiar with his wife. President of UFC wed Anne Stella White.

UFC CEO Dana White was seen on camera striking his wife Anne last month while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

White and his wife, Anne, are seen fighting in the video, which TMZ made public on Monday, at a Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, a nightclub on New Year’s Eve. After 5 seconds, the camera pans to Anne, who is visibly unhappy and covering her face. White approaches, and she tries to run, but he takes her by the wrist.

Dancing with Dana White

Dana White and his wife engaged in physical contact on New Year’s Eve. Sportskeeda.com is the source.
Then Anne struck her husband.

And it was at that precise moment that White made a cowardly choice. White slapped her twice in the face and then pushed her to the ground, treating her more like a punk from the streets than the mother of his three children.

In an interview, White acknowledged his wrongdoing and explained it away as a passionate argument between two people he had known since boyhood.

The nasty altercation, which saw UFC president Dana White punching his wife in the face, was caught on camera.

White’s comments were brought up by Costello to TMZ. The footage shows the pair bickering before Anne White strikes her husband, who then strikes back before other people intervene.

White said that their excessive drinking on New Year’s Eve contributed to the out-of-control situation. He continued by saying that they talked about it with their family and voiced their sorrow.

White acknowledged his “embarrassment” and concern about the effects on his three children in an interview with TMZ. Chris Costello claims that White and the UFC declined to give The Associated Press a statement.

Anne Stella White and Dana White’s Married Life

The charming pair were good friends in eighth grade. It is uncertain what White’s wife was doing when he went to school for a semester.

However, the UFC President left Quincy College, the University of Massachusetts, and Boston. Dana White is also believed to have been forced to leave Boston due to debts owed to notorious criminal Whitey Bulgar.

According to sources, Dana White married Anne Stella in 1996. Since then, they have had three great-children and have been happily married. Aiden White and Dana White III are the parents of two sons. Savannah White, one of their daughters, is also theirs.

More than 20 years have passed since they started dating. Despite going through difficult moments together, the couple is growing stronger than ever.

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