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Dana Alotaibi

Dana Alotaibi

Dana Alotaibi, a well-known singer, social media celebrity, TikToker, and online personality from Bogotá, Colombia, passed away on July 20, 2022, at the age of 27.

She was born in 1995. Dana Alotaibi was well-known around the nation as the well-known TikTok celebrity who frequently shared explicit content on her account. She also discussed the ups and downs of her marriage and the difficulties she overcame in her life.

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Who is Dana Alotaibi?

Official sources claim that Alotaibi first gained attention in July 2022 as a result of the tragic news of her passing. According to the reports, she was fatally stabbed on July 20, 2022, on the Hawaii H-3 highway by her ex-husband, Bryant Tejada-Castillo. She and her spouse split up a few months ago due to problems with domestic violence.

She also repeatedly complained about issues involving domestic abuse, but since Tejada-Castillo is a Marine officer, nothing was done about it. Finally, she was murdered by her ex-husband, infuriating the internet community about the lack of action taken by the police.

What is the Net Worth of Dana Alotaibi? Salary, Earnings

This great vocalist and her family were dwelling in an opulent home in Hawaii. Dana Alotaibi also possessed high-end automobiles, phones, computers, and other items. She made money from singing, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms. She reportedly earned a net worth of about USD $1 million, based on an estimate (approx.).

Where was Dana Alotaibi? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Wiki Dana Alotaibi – She never gave her fans a complete account of her life. She was not born on a specific day. Numerous reports indicate that she was 27 years old (at the time of her death).

According to this, her mother gave birth to her in 1995 in Bogotá, Colombia. She goes by Dana Laura Arteaga Cespedes in full. After her marriage, she made her home in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii, in the United States.

She received her education at a neighborhood school in the area, according to the sources. She enrolled in a reputable high school and college as well for her post-secondary education. Well, we’ll soon discuss the precise details of her education.

Data about Dana As the devoted daughter of her parents, Laura Arteaga Cespedes used to share everything with her mother. We discovered that her mother’s name is Natalia Cespedes and that she is a housewife after conducting extensive online research. Her father’s name is absent on the other side.

Despite our best efforts, the information and statistics on her family are not yet available. She allegedly has three siblings, according to some online sites. Her siblings’ names and pictures are not available. In addition, she withheld information regarding her religion. She is from a mixed-ethnicity background and has American nationality, I should mention.

Is Dana Alotaibi Married? Relationship

Alotaibi was a lovely and gifted young woman. We learned from her social media accounts and website that she had been married to Bryant Tejada-Castillo for around three years. The couple had a great time living together in Hawaii. They posted their passionate and private photos on their social media accounts as well.

Later, the friendship between Dana and Castillo started to deteriorate due to some shared disinterest. Dana reported numerous instances of domestic violence, yet nothing was done to hold him accountable.

Bryant Tejada-Castillo was a Marine officer who held a respectable rank, as is well knowledge. The couple is also without any children. Her association with a male, whose identity is unknown, was discovered through his different social media accounts. She was also three months pregnant with her lover, and she was eager to give birth.

On her social media pages, this social media influencer used to post updates on her life and relationship with her ex-husband. She also posted numerous videos on YouTube in which she sobs and complains that she has been traumatized by her husband’s punches, hits, and pulling out of her hair, but no action is being taken by the police.

Her ex-husband stabbed her repeatedly, according to official sources, which caused her death. On July 20, 2022, the incident happened on Hawaii State Route 3. As soon as Dana arrived at the neighboring hospital, she was proclaimed dead. Tejada-Castillo has been detained by the police.

How did Dana Alotaibi start her Professional Career?

After divorcing her spouse, Dana Alotaibi started to work hard for a living. She was an online influencer who posted explicit information for her fans, and I’ll let you know that. She additionally posts videos to her official YouTube and TikTok channels.

Up to July 2022, her YouTube channel will have 16 million views and 85.7k subscribers. Alotaibi was also a vocalist who had a number of songs released in addition to this. Sensualidad, 511 Makwa, All I Wanna Do, Viral, Shrmotas Get Paid, and a number of other songs have those names as their titles.

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