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Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby- Biography

Dale Brisby is a growing social media influencer. He is a rising Snapchatter and YouTuber with his unique rodeo life of bull riding on display online.

He has over 281K followers and over 51 million views on the latter. While not entertaining the online audience, he is the CEO of the Radiator Ranch Cattle Company.

What is the Net Worth of Dale Brisby? Salary, Earnings

Dale’s true name is popularly assumed to be Clint Hopping, as the YouTuber’s enthusiastic admirers attack his comment area with his supposed real name, Clint.

Unlike the YouTuber’s personal information, his successful career is not concealed. Dale’s self-titled YouTube channel pays him an annual compensation ranging from $6.6K to $105.1K. As a bull rider, he earns a yearly pay of $36,434 as well.

Dale has also been the CEO of Rodeo Time, Inc., a retail company, since 2013. His company mostly distributes cowboy hats, caps, and T-shirts to his supporters. They even message him on Instagram about his items. Thus, all of Dale’s attempts must contribute to his net worth of thousands of dollars.

Dale Brisby- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Every year on February 12th, the YouTuber celebrates his birthday. As a result, he was born under the sign of Aquarius. Dale has adopted the cowboy way of life in his life. He began bull riding in July 1987 and has been doing so ever since. In addition, in 2004, the YouTuber began his profession as a ranch manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company. He still holds the role to this day.

Brisby found time in 2013 to work at another place called Brightstar Ranch. He worked there for more than two years until the owners sold the property. Surprisingly, the cowboy has a Master of Agriculture degree from Texas A&M University.

Dale, while being an internet presence, is quite private about his personal information, such as his age, family background, and real name. It is perplexing that a social media personality’s private information be kept private.

Dale Brisby- Relationship, Married Life

Dale prides himself on being a ladies’ man. He never misses an opportunity to brag about his popularity among the female population. Even in the bio of his official Facebook profile, he boasts about his expertise in dating fairer sex.

However, the “ladies’ guy” has not revealed anything about his personal life. He does not introduce any of the ladies whose hearts he is said to have shattered, even though he is not legally married. In December 2017, a secretive Dale jokingly referred to fellow entertainer Fallon Taylor as his girlfriend. Later, their friendship evolved into a professional partnership for a barrel racing series.

Dale’s attitude toward his dating life shows that he casually dates people but hasn’t met the right one to settle down and marry. This isn’t the first time he’s joked about his romances. If you look over his tweets, you’ll see a bunch of jokes about dating and marriage.

For example, a young lady named Miranda Marie once tweeted:

“It’s just of rude that @dalebrisby and I haven’t married yet.”

Dale then said, ‘one day soon.’

On February 5th, 2019, he responded to another Twitterati, revealing his single status. He claimed he’d rather have his Riggin ban and rodeo than Valentine’s supper, which has crushed the hearts of every girl he’s met.

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