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Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby is an emerging social media personality. Dale is a rising Snapchatter and YouTuber who displays his distinct bull riding rodeo life online. He has more than 281K followers and more than 51 million views on the latter.

He keeps busy running the Radiator Ranch Cattle Company as its CEO while not amusing the audience online.

What is the Net Worth of Dale Brisby? Salary, Earnings

While the YouTuber’s personal information is kept private, his thriving career is not. Dale makes an annual compensation ranging from $6.6K to $105.1K through his YouTube channel of the same name. In a similar vein, he earns $36,434 a year as a bull rider.

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Where was Dale Brisby born? Education

The YouTuber observes his birthday on February 12 each year. He, therefore, has the sun sign of Aquarius. Dale has made a conscious decision to live a cowboy lifestyle. In July 1987, he began his bull riding career, which he has continued ever since.

In 2004, the YouTuber expanded his profession by taking a position as ranch manager at Radiator Ranch Cattle Company. He still holds the job today.

Dale managed to find time in 2013 to work at Brightstar Ranch, another location. He spent more than two years there before the owners sold the property. It’s interesting to note that the cowboy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Master’s in Agriculture.

Is Dale Brisby Single? Relationship

Dale considers himself to be a ladies’ man. He never misses a chance to brag about how well-liked he is among women. Even in the bio of his official Facebook profile, he boasted about his experience with dating the more attractive sex.

The “ladies’ guy” hasn’t disclosed anything about his private life, though. He doesn’t introduce any of the women whose hearts he is alleged to have broken because she is far from being officially married.

But in December 2017, a reclusive Dale jokingly called his girlfriend and fellow performer Fallon Taylor. Their cooperation later developed into a business partnership for a barrel racing series.

Dale appears to date people casually but hasn’t met the right one to settle down and have a family with. He has joked about his relationships before, so this is nothing new. If you look through his tweets, you can find several jokes regarding dating and marriage.

How did Dale Brisby start his Professional Career?

Dale is rather discreet about his age, family history, and real name despite being a well-known internet presence. The paradoxical nature of private information is kept private about a social media celebrity.

Since the YouTuber’s devoted followers frequently use Clint Hopping as Dale’s assumed real name in the comment section, it is widely believed that Clint is Dale’s true name.

Additionally, Dale has been the CEO of the retail business Rodeo Time, Inc. since 2013. The most well-liked items among his supporters are the T-shirts, hats, and caps that his business offers. Even on Instagram, they ask about his items. Thus, Dale’s numerous activities undoubtedly increase his thousands of dollars net worth.

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