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Daejhanae Jackson Arrested In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Death

Daejhanae Jackson

The person suspected of being responsible for Shanquella Robinso’s death has been mentioned in a number of media outlets; Daejhanae Jackson is reportedly in custody. Investigators were keeping an eye on her from the beginning because she was involved in harassing her before the end.

Robinson’s death occurred a few days ago, and many of her admirers want justice for her passing. The investigation authorities have moved to ascertain the depth with the help of this.

However, based on various sources, social media users have drawn many different conclusions about the case. They are anticipating the police’s conclusion so that the real offender can receive severe punishment as soon as possible.

Daejhanae Jackson Arrested In Connection To Shanquella Robinson Death

A suspected person has reportedly been detained in connection with the death of Shanquella Robinson, according to numerous sources, including KEMPIRE. Although the authorities did not specify who it was, it was assumed to be Daejhanae Jackson.

Her name is in the spotlight for committing the heinous crime because she was connected to the harassment and was being investigated in the case from the start.

An arrest warrant and court orders have been issued for the alleged killer, a friend of the victim, and the alleged attacker because femicide is a natural act of violence, according to a local prosecutor.

In addition, the autopsy report revealed that she had a broken neck and a severe spinal cord injury when she passed away. She was the main subject of this case because Daejhanae could be seen in the video beating her violently.

How Did Shanquella Robinson Die? Know About The Viral Video

Shanquella Robinson traveled to Mexico for a trip with her friends. However, Daejhanae Jackson and the group of friends she traveled with are thought to have played a significant role in her demise.

She was discovered dead in a similar manner on October 28, 2022, when the body was discovered after twenty-four hours. After the viral video of Daejhanae Jackson punching Robinson while her friends cheered, it gained recognition.

Social media was inundated with comments after the video went viral, and the authority responded by making a significant move. The victim’s parents have since made numerous media requests for justice.

Shanquella Robinson Parents Media Coverage Update

Since their beloved family member, Shanquella Robinson passed away, her parents have been grieving and have been pleading with the authorities for a thorough investigation.

In a recent interview with ABC News, her mother, Salamondra Robinson, expressed a range of feelings regarding the situation. She began by expressing her joy that her daughter would finally receive justice.

In addition, she added, “I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy; it’s a wonderful feeling. We have been waiting for someone to finally be detained and held accountable. I am eagerly anticipating a positive outcome.

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