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Crown Actor Khalid Abdalla | Net Worth, Wife, Children

Khalid Abdalla

Cressida Trew is married to Khalid Abdalla. Meet the Family of The Crown Actor Khalid Abdalla. Actor and activist Khalid Abdalla is of Egyptian and British descent. After starring in United 93, a film nominated for BAFTA and Academy Awards in 2006, Abdalla gained widespread recognition.

Paul Greengrass wrote and directed the film, which recounts the events aboard United Airlines Flight 93 during the 9/11 assaults.

Abdalla starred alongside Matt Damon in Green Zone, his second film with director Paul Greengrass, and portrayed Amir in The Kite Runner.

Khalid portrays himself in The Square, a 2013 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award-winning documentary about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Abdalla is a member of the National Student Drama Festival’s board of directors. In 2011, Abdalla joined the Mosireen (“We Insist”) Collective in Cairo, a group of revolutionary filmmakers and activists dedicated to assisting citizen media in Egypt after Mubarak’s ouster.

Three months after its debut, in January 2012, Mosireen surpassed all other non-profit YouTube channels in Egypt to become the most popular channel ever.

What is Khalid Abdalla’s estimated net worth in 2023?

The Richest estimates that Khalid Abdalla has a net worth of $1.5 million. Khalid has not, however, disclosed his precise net worth.

According to IMDB, Khalid rose to prominence for his performance as Amir in the 2007 drama Kite Runner, which was based on a best-selling novel. Abdalla portrays the Egyptian god Osiris, who manifests on Earth as Selim.

Khalid Abdalla, an English actor, and activist, is also well-known for his role in the Academy Award-nominated film United 93. Two documentaries, The Square and East to West, both featured his narration.

The Crown actor Khalid Abdalla is married to Cressida Trew

In September 2011, Khalid Abdalla married his fiancée, Cressida Trew. They were long-term companions prior to their marriage. She is well-known as Abdalla’s wife in the industry, where they are both prominent figures.

Cressida Trew is an actress and cinematographer. Trew became well-known due to her diverse acting abilities and the admiration of the public for her appealing appearance.

Khalid and Cressida met at work over ten years ago and have been together ever since, relocating while balancing family responsibilities.

Her spouse is a famous actor who rose to prominence after appearing in The Crown.

Cressida also resides in England with her husband and children and enjoys a wonderful existence. They are currently appreciating life together and have successful careers. As husband and wife, they equally support and admire each other.

In their protracted marriage, the couple has not produced any offspring. They appear uninterested in starting a family because they both appreciate their acting careers.

The Royal Family of Actor Khalid Abdalla: His Parents and Ethnicity

Khalid Abdalla was born to his parents in Glasgow, Scotland on October 26, 1980. Abdalla spent the majority of his boyhood there until the age of four when his family relocated to Harrow.

Both of his parents are physicians. His father, Hossam, was a prominent student activist in the 1970s and was detained five times during Sadat’s reign.

Before moving to Britain in 1979, he was expelled from Egypt and spent some time in Iraq.

Hossam operates the Lister Fertility Clinic and is a well-known fertility doctor who is an outspoken proponent of political reform in Egypt.

Hossam’s father, Ibrahim Saad El-Din, was an economist who was twice imprisoned during Nasser’s dictatorship but was appointed director of the Institute for Socialist Studies.

Ibrahim is still a highly esteemed figure in Egyptian socialist politics despite being imprisoned by Sadat and passing away in 2008.

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