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Creator Of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland Was Fired From Adult Swim And Hulu

Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice actor of Rick and Morty, has been fired by US streaming service Hulu, joining TV network Adult Swim, following allegations of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend.

The title characters of the Emmy-winning animated sitcom about a scientist and his grandson on Adult Swim were voiced by Mr. Roiland.

He also contributed to Solar Opposites and Koala Man, another animated program on Hulu. Mr. Roiland disputes the accusations. No date for the trial has been determined.

Although the PA news agency reports that both of the aforementioned shows are anticipated to go on without him, Hulu and 20th TV Animation claimed in a statement on Wednesday that they had “terminated our association with Justin Roiland.”

It follows the announcement earlier this week by Adult Swim, a division of Cartoon Network, that Mr. Roiland’s best-known work, Rick and Morty, will continue for its seventh season without his co-creator and star, with those parts reportedly to be recreated.

Adult Swim has severed its relationship with Justin Roiland, according to a statement made public on Tuesday.

There will be more of Rick and Morty. The bright and committed staff is working diligently on season seven.

Squanch Games, the gaming company Mr. Roiland founded in 2016, also disclosed on Wednesday that it had “accepted Justin Roiland’s resignation” earlier this month.

The enthusiastic Squanch crew promised to maintain creating games that their fans would like in addition to supporting and enhancing High On Life.

Co-creator of Rick and Morty is accused of assault

Prosecutors in California charged Mr. Roiland, 42, with two counts of domestic abuse with corporal injury and false detention of an unnamed lady who was residing with him at the time by threat, violence, fraud, and/or deceit in May 2020.

According to a police report, the event, which is believed to have happened on or about January 19 of that same year, left the woman “in a terrible situation.”

“We look forward to clearing Justin’s name and helping him move ahead as fast as possible,” his attorney stated in a statement after claiming that his client was “innocent.”

Prior to a trial, Mr. Roiland is scheduled to return to court in April. He already appeared at a pre-trial hearing earlier this month. He might spend as much as seven years behind bars.

In 2013, he and Dan Harmon co-created the chaotic animated sitcom Rick and Morty, which went on to win the Emmy for outstanding animated series in 2018 and 2020.

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