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Crazy Lamp Lady’s Life’s True Treasure

Crazy Lamp Lady

During an interview, Crazy Lamp Lady, a popular YouTuber, and thrifter revealed details about her family life and career while discussing her marital status.

The Youtuber’s Personal Life

She was asked to tell a little bit about herself and her married life in an interview with South Standards, to which she replied,

“I have a son named William, a daughter named Juliette, and two coonhounds that I rescued.
Part-time for an information technology firm.
My job is extremely flexible, so I can work whenever it is most convenient for me–nights, weekends, or rainy days when detecting is ineffective.”

Crazy Lamp Lady- Relationship, Married Life

She completely missed answering her marital status, whether it was a smart move or a case of miscommunication. Jocelyn Elizabeth was the original name of the Crazy Lamp Lady. Elizabeth leads a happy life with her two children and boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Andrew, and they work in similar fields.

While the Crazy Lamp Lady is known for transforming thrift items into treasures, her partner works to unearth treasures firsthand. He is a numismatist who owns Oldetyme Numismatics and works as a metal detector with Jocelyn.

Elizabeth enjoys being around her boyfriend, and you can see their goofy sides on Elizabeth’s Instagram. She has two children, a daughter and a son, whom she adores. Although she lives with her boyfriend, it is unknown whether he is the father of her two children.

She has decided not to reveal whether the children are from her ex-husband or a previous boyfriend. According to Jacksonville Progress, she is divorced from her husband, who is also the father of her children. Even if Andrew is not the father, he adores the children, as the family frequently goes on vacation together.

Her boyfriend is supportive of her work, and the two work side by side, assisting each other in their respective businesses.

A Promising Career

Jocelyn identifies as a Relic Recoverist and a Crazy Camp Lady. She enjoys metal detecting and transforming thrift materials into valuable items as a hobby. At her work, she is frequently accompanied by her partner. She recognizes herself as an old soul and recalls how her love of antiques was ingrained in her soul.

“In my early twenties, I rediscovered my love for relics and began collecting–another of my hobbies. I used to–and still do–frequent yard sales and thrift stores in search of something well-seasoned and ridiculously cheap. I’ll admit that I have a habit of collecting more than I resell–the curse of being an old soul.”

According to the collector’s official website, Relic Recoverist. Elizabeth, 33, spends her days scouring thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets for undervalued antiques to sell on E-bay.

Her eBay business is her family’s primary source of income. The 33-year-old has discovered the ideal way to reach out to the world through social media.

She also has Etsy and Amazon accounts. She sells everything she and her boyfriend have thrifted or collected on these social media platforms. As if that wasn’t enough, she also has her website, Crazy Lamp Lady. Jocelyn also earns money from her YouTube channel, which has over 202K subscribers (2021). Her current boyfriend has his own YouTube channel as well.

With income from all of these sources and sales from her merch, the mother of two has a steady flow of money coming into the household. Her net worth is most likely in the six-figure range based on her business ventures.

More About The Youtuber

Jocelyn Elizabeth, 33, lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. When she needed to call a metal detector to find her lost keys in November 2014, she was introduced to the world of metal detecting.

She began by enjoying it and later turned it into a career. A Garrett Ace 250 was her first metal detector. Her first discovery was a pie tin, and her second was a drainage culvert. Her prized possession was an Indian Head Penny. She has discovered many antique pieces worth thousands of dollars up to this point. The Youtuber is an excellent example of how to turn a hobby into a lucrative career.
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