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Craig Melton admitted to cheating on his wife

Craig Melton

Craig Melton’s popular author wife wrote a book about her relationship with Melton. Because of the nature of their relationship, she revealed that Craig cheated on her throughout their 14-year marriage.

Wife’s Confession

Craig Melton was a model before becoming the husband of best-selling author Glennon Doyle. Doyle and Melton married in 2002. Doyle, the author of The Untamed, is well-known for her distinct writing style, which reveals the deepest secrets.

And, in case you hadn’t guessed, Melton’s infidelity was revealed in one of her books. Doyle informed her readers before the book’s release that she and her husband were divorcing after nearly 14 years of marriage.

Although she did not say much about the reason for the divorce, she did say that the decision was made after Craig revealed something during a therapy session. However, a writer’s strength and vulnerability are both expressed through their words. Doyle couldn’t keep the reason a secret any longer and revealed it in her book Love Warrior.

Love warrior delves into their marriage’s unspoken and untold areas. It discusses their first meeting and the difficulties of marriage.
The couple met 15 years ago on a Washington bar crawl.

They fell in love and decided to be together forever, through thick and thin. Doyle discusses the difficulties she faced during her pregnancy and how she was forced to abort her first child. She also reveals that the couple married after Glennon became pregnant for the second time at the age of 25.

She then delves deeply into her marital problems. Craig’s porn habit and extramarital one-night stands were a problem, she revealed. Doyle revealed that there were some resentments and discomfort in their marriage with physical intimacy, though she did not go into detail.

But none of these revelations were meant to paint Craig in a negative light. His ex-wife painted him as a true believer.

“He believes in this truth-telling thing,” says the author.

She implied Craig’s sincerity in the marriage. While the ups and downs of their marriage may have ended, the two continue to care for their three children.

Chase, Tish, and Amma are their three children. The author of Love Warrior has made a few changes in her life. Glennon met a new love on her book tour after her divorce from Craig. On her book tour, she met Olympian Abby Wambach.

Soon after, in 2017, the couple married. Craig now lives his life with his children and, on occasion, Glennon and her wife. Craig Melton is a married man.

Melton, fortunately for his fans and admirers, is no longer married. He is, however, on good terms with his ex-wife and her partner.

“He said it!
“There could have been some tears under those shades,”

While celebrating his son’s graduation, the proud father wrote. Glennon and her lovely wife, Abby, were featured in the lovely photograph. There is no doubt that the happy family has found a way to coexist peacefully. The former model, who has over 33.9k Instagram followers, enjoys spending time with his children and his other furry children, his dogs.

The handsome young father’s entire Instagram feed is taken up by him and his children. The kids’ smiles in the photo are adorable, and there is no doubt that they enjoy spending time with their father.

Craig is a PreVeil Enterprise Sales representative who lives in Los Angeles. Craig’s life has also changed dramatically because he is now the father of teenagers rather than children.

“I am so proud of us as well,” the father of three wrote, tagging Abby and Glennon in the video.

The touching video of him jumping with joy as his sons were accepted into college is truly moving. Craig may not have remarried, but his life is far from lonely. Despite their divorce, he and Glennon maintain a very healthy relationship and co-parent their children.

Melton, the charming man, must have many women interested in him, but there hasn’t been any news of a girlfriend or new wife in his life. His priorities appear to be his family life right now.

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