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CouRageJD’s Socials ooze with affection for his girlfriend


CouRageJD, a.k.a. Jack Dunlop, is one of the most popular YouTube content creators. Aside from his impressive net worth, the YouTuber’s love life has his fans wondering, ‘Who is CouRageJD dating?’

The answer is all over his social media. He’s been open about his relationship with his boyfriend since they started dating.

On September 13, 2021, Jack uploaded a video to YouTube of him riding with his girlfriend to pick up a puppy they had been waiting for for a long time.

What is the Net Worth of CouRageJD? Salary, Earnings

While he enjoys a fulfilling life with his adoring girlfriend, his thriving career as a content creator is the cherry on top. CouRageJD, who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall, began his YouTube channel CouRage in 2013 and has amassed a whopping 3.45 million subscribers as of 2021.

His content is primarily comprised of entertaining online game streaming videos and casual daily life videos. According to a social blade analysis, the internet personality’s annual earnings range from 14.5 thousand dollars to 232.1 thousand dollars based on the number of his viewers.

Aside from YouTube videos, Jack’s sources of income include merch, brand endorsements, and sponsors, all of which contribute to his enormous net worth.

Not to mention the massive luxurious house he shares with his fellow YouTubers and his stunning black Lamborghini Urus that he purchased in 2020, his net worth is clearly in the seven figures. With his growing popularity, he will undoubtedly amass more fortune in the coming days.

CouRageJD and His Girlfriend Have a Puppy Together

“I’m officially becoming a father, and you’re officially becoming a mother.”

Jack exclaimed, looking at his girlfriend, Maddie McCarthy, who was sitting beside him in the car. SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND WITH A PUPPY! is a YouTube video. The couple is seen driving to the LAX airport in California to pick up their new pet, Kaya, a mini Sheepadoodle.

The eager couple had even prepared a collar with the puppy’s name engraved on it. Further explaining why they chose the breed, Jack’s girlfriend stated that the couple traveled frequently and that it would be easier for them to care for a small furry child rather than a large one.

Unveiling the big moment, Jack revealed the little one, and the puppy was adorable. He promised to make more vlogs of his puppy in the future if the video received more than 50,000 likes. With the new addition, the couple’s role as fur parents is likely to be more demanding.

CouRageJD- Relationship, Girlfriend

Jack and Maddie’s relationship began in 2019 when they first started dating. Jack took to Instagram to dedicate a first-anniversary post to his beloved girlfriend on September 28, 2020, and showered his love for her with a sweetly written caption that read,

Your beauty, work ethic, and contagious laugh are unrivaled.
You’ve repeatedly pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better man as a result.
We’re unstoppable as a team.”

The caption says it all about how well the couple fits into each other’s lives. They’ve been together for almost two years and are still going strong. The couple is open about their relationship and frequently updates their whereabouts on social media, from casual moments to travel memories.

Furthermore, their Instagram posts show how supportive they are of each other’s work. While Jack is constantly posting his proud moments of his girlfriend on social media, Maddie is also sharing her proud moments and encouraging Jack. When they go hand in hand in all aspects of life, it’s hard not to call them a power couple.

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