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Clive Standen Claims That His Kids Have Changed His Life

Clive Standen

The wife and kids of “Vikings” actor Clive Standen are to thank for his successful acting career. The talented actor has graciously acknowledged his family as the foundation of his career.

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Is Clive Standen Married? Relationship

Francesca Standen and Clive Standen have been wed for over 15 years. The couple exchanged nuptials in 2007 and have since created a stunning family.

Hayden, Edi, and Rafferty are the three children they have together. When it comes to his family’s specifics, Clive is a rather private person, but he enjoys sharing his happy fatherhood stories.

Despite playing a nasty guy on TV, Standen is a family man with a tender soul. Nothing is complete for him without his children, even the ideal holiday or leisure activity.

Actors rarely get to spend as much time as they would like with their loved ones because of how unpredictable and busy their lives are. Clive’s situation was the same. He, therefore, makes it a point to spend his downtime with his family of five.

He spends his free time playing with his youngest son Rafferty, testing his daughter Edi’s knowledge of science, or catching up with his eldest son Hayden. But despite having children, he always finds time for Fransesca on special date evenings.

Clive Standen
                 Clive Standon With His Wife, Fransesca Standon (Source: Instagram)

She is undoubtedly a special woman in his life, and he is not ashamed to brag about her. Standen tweeted a photo of his partner and the caption, “I don’t know how she does what she does sometimes but I do know I couldn’t do what I do without her,” to show his respect for the woman.

He also shared a beautiful selfie of the two of them with the remark, “This one’s always got my back!” His children are there to encourage him to press through, and Francesca is there to provide him with the much-needed support.

He discussed how becoming a father has affected his life in an interview with Life Of Dad. He stated:

I struggle to get a job because I have three kids to support. I serve as a role model for them. They radically altered my way of life. When Standen was 22, he gave birth to his first kid, Hayden.

He learned that there is no ideal or undesirable age for having children. People typically wait until a particular age to have children because they believe that doing so will only set them back, but Clive begs to differ.

“It is completely the contrary. You have to work much harder as a result. You learn there are no set guidelines for becoming a parent until the kids arrive. Sometimes mistakes happen. They confess their love to you the following morning, “Added he.

In addition, he regards to time spent with his kids as his greatest luxury. A day spent with his entire family is how he characterizes his ideal getaway. Additionally, it’s the little things that stick with him for a long time.

“When my daughter or my sons ask me for advice, they know that I’d do anything to help them if necessary. Or when my child says, “I love you, Dad,” and I completely focus on what they are saying as they tell me about their day or what’s on their mind.

The most significant and potent luxury this life has to give can be summed up in that “said he.

Friends, savor each moment. When it’s gone, that is a luxury we will genuinely miss.

You have it now! Expert advice from a wonderful father. It is understandable why Clive has a fantastic family with a lovely partner and excellent children.

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