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Chuck Drummond Passed Away At The Age Of 79

Chuck Drummond

Recently, Ree Drummond published a blog post in honor of her late father-in-law Chuck Drummond, who passed away on November 4.

In the blog entry, Ree wrote that Chuck passed away peacefully while dozing off. She added that the health of her father-in-law had declined recently. She didn’t mention whether he was hospitalized before he passed away.

Regarding her blog, Ree said on Facebook:

Many of you got to know Pa-Pa through my blog and cooking show over the years, so I wanted to share the happy news with you. I appreciate your prayers and affection, especially for Ladd and his brother Tim and the six grandchildren.

On November 6, 2022, Ree published a blog piece on The Pioneer Woman’s website. In the message, she informed readers that Chuck passed away on Friday while resting quietly.

She continued by saying that she held off on telling anyone about the news for a few days so she could “connect with extended family, take a few breaths, and cry some tears.”

Chuck Drummond’s health had been declining over the previous few months, and his family had come to the realization that he didn’t have much time left, according to Ree’s blog entry. Ree, a lawyer, responded when questioned about her stepfather,

“We all called Chuck Pa-Pa, and many of you knew him as such. Before leaving the reins to his six grandchildren, he taught all he knew about ranching to his three sons.

Ree claimed that Chuck’s grandchildren never admitted to being bored in his presence because “he’d give you enough labor to cure you of boredom forever!” She also referred to Chuck as a good-natured, open-hearted man who “kept up with distant relatives, organized family reunions, and ensured that relationships were maintained over the years.”

Ree talked about her relationship with Chuck and how he was there for her no matter what. She said he shared her recipes and watched her QVC presentations. She said in her blog’s conclusion:

“Pa-Pa, we love you.” I appreciate you leading such a fascinating life and letting us share it with you.

Chuck Drummond, who was he?

Born on March 12, 1943, Charles Robert Drummond, often known as Chuck Drummond, spent his first five years on the family ranch where he learned to ride horses. From that point on, farming and ranching played a significant role in his life. He also enjoyed hunting a lot.

Chuck played football and served as the senior class president. He then enrolled at Oklahoma State University, where he studied agriculture economics and graduated with a degree in it. As a rancher, Chuck had to deal with a variety of issues, such as ice storms, varmints, and fluctuating cow prices.

Todd Drummond, the couple’s first child, was born in September 1965 after Chuck Drummond and Nan Olsen wed in August 1964. Ladd was born in January 1968, and their third son, Timothy, was born in July 1967. Chuck outlives his two younger boys. His oldest son Todd Olsen passed away at the age of 18, and Nan Olsen passed away five years ago.

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