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Chromohydrophobic, Coined By A Video Creator


Chromohydrophobia is a fear of colorful drinks. A phobia, as we all know, is an uncontrollable fear of a specific object, place, or activity. Claustrophobia, katagelophobia, aviophobia, and other phobias are examples.

According to the video creator, @doodledoodledavey, one of the phobias is Chromohydrophobic, which is a rare type of phobia.

The term ‘Chromohydrophobic’ refers to a combination of two distinct types of phobias: chromophobia and hydrophobia. Chromophobia refers to a fear of colors that is constant and unreasonable, whereas hydrophobia refers to a psychological fear of water.

What Does Chromohydrophobic Mean?

Chromohydrophobic, according to @doodledoodledavey, a Tiktok video creator, means “fear of drinking colorful drinks.”

In the comments section, the video creator stated that for those who are curious about the phobia, it is genuinely true because he has always been afraid of drinking anything other than water.

Furthermore, he stated in his video that anything other than water is like dirty water to him and is difficult to drink.

‘Chrom’ is a Latin word for color, whereas ‘Hydrophobic’ means fear of water. The combination of words reveals a lot about the video creator’s phobia.

In the viral video created by the video creator, he refuses to drink the colorful drink, and his diagnosis appears to be confusing due to the lack of explanation. However, because hydrophobic is a biological term and other science explains that repels or resists water, such as oil, the term aquaphobic is more commonly used to explain the fear of water than hydrophobic.

The term ‘chromohydophobic’ does not exist. It was coined by a Tiktok video creator to describe his fear or phobia of drinking colorful drinks. However, the term’s origins are unknown.

@doodledoodledavey, a Tiktok video creator, has uploaded two videos in which he explains his phobia and has gained immersed followers of more than 47k with the video. His first video is about his diagnosis, explaining Chromohydrophobia, and tasting drinks other than water for the first time.

Davey, aka @doodledoodleavey, claims in the video that he is chromohydrophobic and has never drank a sip of the colorful drinks seen in the experiment. Following that, he consumes beverages such as Gatorade, Fanta, Lemonade, Mountain Dew, Dr. Peppe, and a blue slushie.

The response of those who have never drunk anything other than water or milk in their lives was natural, and he rated most of the drinks zero and Dr. Pepper minus. We can see him making unlikable faces as a result of his phobia. Furthermore, we see him brushing his teeth to remove the traces of all the drinks he has just consumed.

Following the release of the video, the majority of his followers suggested that he drink non-colorful vodka or other drinks available to watch his reaction, which he released two days ago. For the first time in his life, he tasted that uncolored vodka. More of his followers asked him to post more such challenges so they could see his reaction and help him overcome his phobia.

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