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Chris Brown’s 10 Insane Tattoos & Their Meanings

Chris Brown’s

Chris Brown, real name Christopher Maurice Brown, is an American singer, rapper, actor, and video recording artist. Chris Brown’s body is covered in numerous tattoos.

When he was thirteen years old, he got his very first tattoo. In 2021, check out Chris Brown’s amazing tattoo. We’ll examine his tattoos and their meanings now.

Meaning: The fourth studio album of the artist, “Forgive All My Enemies,” is also the name of the FAME tattoo. Chris also stated in a 2012 interview that the words. Another definition of FAME was “Fans are my everything.”

Brown has a tattoo on his back of a serpent with a triangle encircling the all-seeing eye at the end of its tail.

Chris called it “the impossible triangle: the year of the snake,” so that’s what it means. In accordance with the Chinese horoscope, Brown was born in 1989, the year of the snake. The singer has been linked to the cult Illuminati, which is represented by the all-seeing eye in a triangle.

3. The ink on Chris Brown’s body that reads, “Chris Brown’s Jesus”

Chris has a tattoo of Jesus Christ surrounded by musical notes on his right arm.

Chris Brown received this tattoo as a tribute to his singing talent, which he feels was bestowed upon him by Jesus. Chris wanted to have a tattoo of Jesus Christ surrounded by musical notation because, in his words, “God gave him the skill of singing.” Chris got his first tattoo, over his mother’s protests, and it was this one.

4. The tattoo “The Symphonic Love”

Christopher Brown’s “The Symphonic Love” tattoo (Source: google)
Over the singer’s breast are tattooed the words “Symphonic Love.”

Symphonic Passion, which is written on Brown’s breast, refers to his devotion to and love of music.

5. Chris Brown has a tattoo that reads, “Astro boy and BAPE.”

Astro Boy and BAPE tattoos on Chris Brown (Source: Google)
On Brown’s left leg, there is a tattoo of Astro Boy, another cartoon character, and a BAPE, a breathing ape, on the left calf. Astro Boy’s tattoo on Chris Brown

Meaning: BAPE is a Japanese clothing manufacturer, and Astro Boy may stand for his love of the character. The BAPE Black Label and luxury diffusion brands’ faces are both brown.

6. The “Royalty Brown” Tattoo The “Royalty Brown” Tattoo

Royalty Brown’ Tattoo by Chris Brown (Source: Google)
Chris Brown has a back tattoo that features his daughter Royalty.

The musician got a tattoo of his daughter’s face on his back for his daughter’s second birthday.

7. “The two-headed spray bottle” The tattoo reads, “The spray can with twos.”

In Chris Brown spray bottle with two nozzles Tattoo (Source: google) (Source: google)
Tattoo: Under the hand holding the C is an inked spray can with a face. Just over the spray bottle, there are two 2s. While the other has an arrow pointing down, the first has one pointing up.

Meaning: Brown’s love for Virginia, where he grew up, is symbolized by the tattoo. Additionally, the spray can displays the singer’s love of graffiti art.

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8. Chris Brown has the tattoo “Aphrodite and The Bull”

Aphrodite and The Bull’s Tattoo by Chris Brown (Source: Google)
Brown has two tattoos: a bull in the center of his skull and the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite on the back of his head.

The bull represents Chris’s sun sign of Taurus, and it was inked on the left side of his head to protect his heart from the love of his goddess and his daughter Royalty, Chris explained in a statement on Instagram after the tattoos were revealed.

The Indian Chief’s Tattoo by Chris Brown (Source: Google)
On the left side of the singer’s neck is a tattoo depicting a wolf’s head wearing a Red-Indian chief’s crown.

Meaning: The wolf represents strength, fidelity, and spirit.

10. The tattoo on Chris Brown’s body that reads, “The viciously beaten woman’s Face”

female facial tattoo by Chris Brown Meaning: This tattoo represents the Mexican celebration known as “Dios de Los Muertos,” or “Day of the Dead,” which remembers departed relatives and family members. The purported name of this tattoo, Chris Brown beating Rihanna tattoo, is well-known.

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