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Chico DeBarge’s Life Tragedies—From Missing Daughter to Son’s Murder

Chico DeBarge

Chico DeBarge, an American R&B musician, has had a reasonable amount of success professionally, but his personal life has been in catastrophic difficulties.

Throughout his life, he had to contend with a vicious circle. Chico’s life has not been easy since his daughter went missing in 2015, resulting in the loss of a very crucial part of his life.

What Became of Chico DeBarge’s Daughter?

The Talk to Me singer has six children, and the names of just five of them are known. Andrea Bordenave, his wife, was the mother of his children. The couple married in 1996 but eventually divorced. DeBarge has four children from his first marriage, and the rest are from his past relationships.

His two daughters, Cheyanne DeBarge and Abrielle DeBarge, and three sons, Dontae DeBarge, Manny DeBarge, and Chicoco DeBarge, are the only ones whose names are known.

When Chico’s daughter Abrielle DeBarge went missing in 2014, the DeBarge family experienced a brief period of anxiety.

When Abielle went missing, her grandmother, Etteriene DeBarge, rushed to Twitter to inform the public of her granddaughter’s abduction.

She took to Twitter and wrote,

“ALERT: AMBER ALERT! My granddaughter Abrielle DeBarge contacted Detective Sindle of the Burbank Police Department. 818-238-3254 $20,000 prize”

We can only imagine how devastating the news must have been for the family, as social media was abuzz with concern about Abrielle before a tweet relieved everyone.

Abrielle resorted to social media to inform her followers that she was “alive, safe, and returning home later.”

There was no additional debate about why Abrielle was absent from home or how it all happened, but her safety was all that mattered.

While everything appeared to be going well for ‘The Girl Next Door’ singer (save for his incarceration, which we shall discuss later), he was hit by a huge catastrophe in 2020.

On April 5, 2020, his son Dontae was allegedly murdered in Los Angeles. According to a source, he was stabbed in Los Angeles and pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

A parent’s loss of a child is always difficult, but life, in general, has been difficult for this 55-year-old vocalist.

DeBarge has had to deal with a variety of events, including the death of his child, marital troubles, and, most recently, getting detained for felonious behavior.

Life’s Difficulties

Married in 1996, DeBarge and his wife decided to divorce in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2012 that Chico filed for divorce in L. A Country Superior Court.

Although “irreconcilable disagreements” were given as the basis for the divorce, there appeared to be seepage of troubles in their marital lives.

The couple, who had four children together, had two of their children before their marriage, and the singer was unsure if they were his offspring.

According to TMZ, he requested a paternity test to determine whether or not he was the father. He did not seek custody, but he did want visitation privileges.

However, the case proceeded, and the couple is no longer together. However, this is not the end of his issues.

DeBarge has been arrested several times for drug possession.

Chico DeBarge was arrested in 2007, following which he went to treatment, and later in 2009, through his sixth album, Addiction, he admitted to being addicted to heroin, cocaine, and medicine.

Chico DeBarge was also arrested for narcotics possession in 2019 and again a year later in January 2021. In January 2021, DeBarge was also charged with narcotics possession, DUI, and impersonation.

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