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Chiara Bontempi Wikipedia And Eta: How Old Is Is Piergiorgio Bontempi Figilo?

Chiara Bontempi

People are interested in knowing Chiara Bontempi’s age and facts from Wikipedia. Olympic jumper Gianmarco Tamberi revealed his hopes for the future when popping the question to his fiancée.

Before leaving for his athletic adventure in Tokyo in 2021, he proposed to Chiara Bontempi, saying, “First the Olympics, then the wedding.”

Following their victories in both the European Championship and the Olympics, the pair tied the knot.

But who is Tamberi’s wife, and what is her profession? From her early years to her private life and her heretofore concealed curiosity, this is the real Chiara Bontempi.

Let’s read the article through to the finish to find out more about Chiara Bontempi’s biography and age.

Chiara Bontempi on Wikipedia Furthermore, Eta: What Is Piergiorgio Bontempi Figilo’s Age?

Chiara Bontempi was born in the city of Ancona on August 12, 1995, under the sign of Leo. Other than that, not much is known about her life.

When it comes to Chiara’s schooling, she hasn’t been quite clear.

It may not be well known, however, that Chiara and half of her family are former high jump competitors who placed highly in both the 60-floor and high categories.

In terms of Chiara’s personal life, we are aware that since 2009, she has been romantically linked to Italian Olympic jumper Gianmarco Tamberi.

They routinely appear on her Instagram feed and are really close. They seem to have met on the athletic tracks, albeit there are no more details known. In 2021, their love story was also exposed in the gossip section.

Before leaving for the Olympics in Tokyo, the blue jumper proposed to Chiara Bontempi, bringing red flowers and a candlelight dinner with him.

The wedding was ultimately held on September 1, 2022, after a year of waiting for the ill-fated yes, as was widely publicized on social media.

The Husband and Family of Chiara Bontempi

Chiara’s mother owns the Blanc Mariclo shop, which sells home items and is situated in the capital of the Marche region.

Her father is a well-known character in the sports community, especially when it comes to engines, even if she is more well-known.

The reason for this is that he is Piergiorgio Bontempi, a former World Sbk champion rider.

In 2009, Chiara and Gianmarco began dating when they were still very young. They exchanged vows in September of 2022.

Before leaving for the Tokyo Olympics, Gianmarco Tamberi proposed to Chiara Bontempi.

Chiara shared the happy news on her Instagram page along with kind comments.

“I’m speechless right now. The intensity of the feeling makes it difficult for me to believe even now. The heartfelt picture of Chiara and her “Gimbo” sharing a kiss was captioned, “I love you, my infinite love, I would say yes every single day.” The proposal took place in Ancona, the girl’s hometown.

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