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Chael Sonnen Top 45 Quotes

Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen, a popular MMA fighter, was born on April 3, 1977. He is a well-known American retired mixed martial artist who now works as an MMA analyst for ESPN. He achieves after a long effort to become a top challenger in both the UFC Light Heavyweight and Middleweight categories.

He has also competed in the Pancrase, WEC, and, most recently, Bellator MMA. Despite being one of the best MMA fighters of all time, he never won a UFC Championship. Still, his triumphs include Mauricio Rua, Paulo Filho, Nate Marquardt, Wanderlei Silva, Michael Bisping, and Quinton Jackson.

The top 45 Chael Sonnen quotes are shown here.

  1. “Every time you win, you get another fight. Every time you get a fight, you get promotion, marketing, and media. Those things are what makes stars.”― Chael Sonnen

  2. “Accosting somebody in public can be regrettable. Accosting a gangster can be hazardous.”― Chael Sonnen

  3. “There’s a camaraderie that comes with this sport, but fighting Anderson Silva is a lot like eating Chinese food: twenty minutes after I do it, I’m going to want to do it again.”― Chael Sonnen

  4. “I thought if you tapped out, you lost the round. Come to find out, you actually lose the fight.”― Chael Sonnen

  5. “You can never have the comeback if you don’t have the retirement.”― Chael Sonnen

  6. “Jealousy is a hell of a thing. There’s a reason it’s one of the deadly sins.”― Chael Sonnen

  7. “Triangle chokes are the refuge for cowards. I would never stoop to that level of locking my legs around a man and squeezing.”― Chael Sonnen

  8. “I train every day but Christmas. I’m not the guy who gets a contract signed and then trains for a fight. I’m at practice every single day, whether I’ve got a match or not.”― Chael Sonnen

  9. “I don’t walk around looking into cameras and telling people I’m the best fighter in the world just to hear myself talk. I say it for the same reason they put warnings on packages of cigarettes, and fighting Chael Sonnen may be hazardous to one’s health.”― Chael Sonnen

  10. “I would never discredit the sport or my opponent by reading my injury list before or after the fight. I’ve always thought it’s a very underhanded thing to do, and it’s a very cowardly thing to do, to come out and say, ‘I’m hurt,’ particularly if you win a fight.”― Chael Sonnen

  11. “I’m candy-coated poison, and you should not believe anything else.”― Chael Sonnen


  13. “My ideal fight would be against the smallest guy with the most atrocious record in the largest venue for the most insane paycheck. I love easy fights.”― Chael Sonnen

  14. “I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America. There was a bus – this is a true story. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse. This really happened.”― Chael Sonnen

  15. “All medicine is made to make you better. If it did the opposite, it would be malpractice.”― Chael Sonnen

  16. “Fighting is an expression. It’s a form of speech, and that’s why they call it martial arts. It’s an art.”― Chael Sonnen

  17. “I’m better than Jon Jones. I’m better than Sean Combs. I am even better than John Holmes.”― Chael Sonnen

  18. “There was years when my father didn’t even make a hundred grand – or barely made a hundred grand – and sure, we had a maid, but she only came twice a week. What do you think happened the other five days? You think those dishes washed themselves? You think those clothes got themselves in the hamper?”― Chael Sonnen

  19. “When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the regional scene. I read ‘Pro Wrestling Illustrated,’ and I watched Portland Wrestling and everything I could.”― Chael Sonnen

  20. “I had dreams in 2000 of being an Olympian for boxing. I never talk about it.”― Chael Sonnen

  21. “As a fighter, that’s not something that ever factors in, whether you go first or last or you walk out first or you walk out second. It’s not something that ever factors in or you feel slighted about. I don’t think that anybody would care. The job is the same.”― Chael Sonnen

  22. “I’ve suffered rib injuries, but I’ve never had a broken one. I’ve dislocated it and popped it, and even that, a big step down from broken, it hurts so bad. But you can’t really move. You can’t even fully breathe and take a deep breath of air.”― Chael Sonnen

  23. “I have never asked the crowd for their approval, and I will never start.”― Chael Sonnen

  24. “Every time you have a huge fight in wrestling, in boxing, in MMA, both guys are sure they’re going to win. They really believe it.”― Chael Sonnen

  25. “I don’t really know what ‘respect’ means. That sounds like something a kid in the street says after he’s getting ready to take your coat and your shoes.”― Chael Sonnen

  26. “Because of both hipster culture and Facebook culture, the human race is starting to resemble a school of hairy piranhas.”― Chael Sonnen


  28. “My dad was a plumber. That’s hard work. He never missed a day of work. I will never disrespect him by not showing up for an athletic competition that has a maximum duration of 25 minutes. There should be forfeiture if you have to pull out of a fight. If you don’t show up, it should be a loss on your record.”― Chael Sonnen

  29. “I’m a huge supporter of Trump.”― Chael Sonnen

  30. “The greatest form of expression – or, at least, the most common that we have as human beings, what separates us from the animals – is speaking: the ability to communicate.”― Chael Sonnen

  31. “There are rules that say ‘If a fighter gets old, when a fighter slows down, when a fighter stops looking the same, then he can never come back.’ I don’t like that.”― Chael Sonnen

  32. “I’ve been in a position where I’ve been barely doing any damage, and the ref stopped it. It’s just sport.”― Chael Sonnen

  33. “I like Bryan Caraway a lot; I used to train with him. I consider him a friend.”― Chael Sonnen

  34. “Brock Lesnar made a career out of refusing to do media and not being accessible.”― Chael Sonnen

  35. “I’m a tournament guy; that’s what I grew up doing.”― Chael Sonnen

  36. “All our careers end the same: Face down and embarrassed.”― Chael Sonnen

  37. “Fans don’t even know what they want at times.”― Chael Sonnen

  38. “The fight takes 15 minutes. The build-up takes 90 days. It takes that for a reason.”― Chael Sonnen

  39. “I’ve competitively boxed. It’s definitely Plan B for me, but I know how to box.”― Chael Sonnen

  40. “I’m competitive.”― Chael Sonnen

  41. “Georges St-Pierre is the greatest fighter to have ever done it.”― Chael Sonnen

  42. “The soreness you feel after a fight or after a good battle, it’s the best feeling in the world. You might sit and complain about it, but you feel so accomplished.”― Chael Sonnen

  43. “Werdum’s open to being knocked out in any fight because he’s so reckless, but that’s also what makes him so damn dynamic.”― Chael Sonnen

  44. “Very normal trajectory of a fighter’s career – you start out fighting at the YMCA. You move on to the dog park. You get into a coliseum. On your way out, you go back to the YMCA, and then you finish up at the dog park.”― Chael Sonnen

  45. “The only thing more embellished than Floyd Mayweather’s pay-per-view buys is Floyd Mayweather’s net worth. But his spending habits are real.”― Chael Sonnen