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Cemetery Sun: Band’s Stolen Equipment Discovered, But Kept For Police Testing

Cemetery Sun

Cemetery Sun, A band that had its instruments and tour van stolen said that they experienced a “crazy 24 hours” after the things were located by police but detained for tests. The band said that when the items were found, they were held for tests.

After doing a show in Manchester, the band Cemetery Sun, who are currently on tour in the United Kingdom, discovered that their van had been taken from in front of their hotel in the city center.

A woman was taken into custody earlier, but the band stated that forensic analyses of the goods that were taken would still need to take place.

The band from California stated that to complete the rest of their tour, they would borrow equipment.

The band originally from Sacramento was scheduled to perform in London later, Newcastle on Sunday, and Leeds on Monday, before continuing to a series of performances in Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Their spokesperson stated that they will perform at all of their scheduled events in the United Kingdom, but it appeared as though the band would not be making any stops in Europe.

He stated that it was likely that we would just give up and cut our losses.


He estimated that the value of the stolen items, which included products, guitars tailored to the customer’s specifications, and a mixing desk, was approximately £20,000.

The van, along with the stuff that was inside of it, was stolen from a car park in Manchester that was direct across the street from The Marriott Hotel, which is where the band had been staying.

They had performed at the O2 Ritz the night before and then decided to extend their stay in the city so that they could watch Manchester City take on Chelsea the following day (Wednesday).

A representative for the band was quoted as saying that they were “delighted” that the goods were found, even though the previous day had been “crazy.”

“We don’t even know what state they are in, therefore we are borrowing kit for the rest of the tour,” he added. “We are borrowing kit because we are on tour.”

Greater Manchester Police stated that a lady, age 30, who was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen items remained in prison to be questioned by investigators. Her arrest was made earlier this week.

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