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Catherine McClements Discusses Her Husband And Family

Catherine McClements

Catherine McClements, who played Rachel Goldstein in the Australian police thriller Water Rats,’ is still working in the profession. Over the years, the Australian actress has worked on numerous TV productions, gaining major industry recognition.

Catherine now enjoys the fruits of a happy marriage alongside her husband and family, in addition to her booming job.

Where was Catherine McClements born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Catherine was born in Melbourne in 1965. She was born to Frank, her father, and Pamela, her mother. Catherine has a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Her father, she claims, is a good athlete who enjoys racing. She went on to describe her father as scholarly, “engaged in arts,” and fluent in French.

Her father was also a high school principal and a member of John Cain’s Labor Party, as was her mother. Brendan, her brother, was her best friend when she was younger.

Her brother is 18 months her senior and was the CEO of the Victorian Major Events Company. Her exact net worth is unclear, however, based on her films and projects, her fortune is likely to be in the six-figure level.

Who is the husband of Catherine McClements?

Catherine McClement has been married to her husband, Jacek Koman, for many years. For many, the long term can mean 5 to 6 years or even a decade, but in Catherine’s case, it means three decades.

Yes, the couple has been together since 1990 and has been inseparable since then. Furthermore, her spouse works in the same industry.

He appeared in shows such as ‘Doctor Doctor,’ ‘The Wrong Kind of Balck,’ ‘Rake,’ and many others. It’s no surprise that the two are so close.
After all, they share a big mutual subject in which they are both extremely passionate.

Her spouse also sings lead in the Melbourne band VulgarGard. Catherine revealed in an interview a while back that despite being in a relationship for 20 years, she still hadn’t “worked” him out.

She added to her statement by saying how he still fascinates and surprises her.

“He’s humorous and engaging, and he reminds me of my father in certain ways.”
She went on to say, “He still has a lot of interests and excitements in his 50s, and if he wants to do anything, he does it.
He hasn’t made any comments about my choices or decisions.
That is my existence.”

She also mentioned in the interview that her first major love connection occurred when she was 17 in a theatre school. The couple has two children: Clementine CoCo Koman, a daughter, and Quincy Koman, a son.

Their daughter was 11 at the time, and their son was 5, so they are quite mature now. Although Catherine is very private about her personal life, we can tell that she has a beautiful life with her husband and children.

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