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Casey Rothschild, The First Female American Ninja Warrior S14 Qualifier

Casey Rothschild

Tonight on American Ninja Warrior, Casey Rothschild became the first female to qualify. She had previously pressed the buzzer on American Ninja Warrior. In 2018, at the age of 20, she was the youngest woman to advance to the next round until Jordyn Carr broke her record.

As a child, Casey spent ten years as a circus performer in an attempt to find something extraordinary. She performed trapeze acts around New England.

Later, she surpassed the Wesleyan University triple jump record. She competed in Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior.

She was asked to join the board of ‘Neighborhood Ninjas,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to making training available to ninjas from low-income families, after meeting the requirements.

She ultimately attained the positions of board president and manager of social media and marketing. Under her direction, the board launched a nationwide mentoring program for ninjas.

She is also the founder of the nonprofit ‘Queer Ninjas Unite,’ which educates the public about LGBT+ issues, and she currently serves as the ‘Customer Experience Manager’ at Workvivo. She has recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University.

American Ninja Warrior fans react when Casey Rothschild becomes the first female qualifier of the season.

Tonight on American Ninja Warrior, Casey overcame all of the obstacles in the course, including the challenging option from The Serpent challenge.

According to the speakers, Casey was enjoying himself while overcoming the obstacles and was stunned after completing the fifth hurdle. She quickly scaled the ruined wall and rang the doorbell.

American Ninja Warrior supporters cheered and applauded her. A young lady encouraged several to compete in the round.

What happened tonight on American Ninja Warrior?

After competing in the junior version of the show, Vance Walker attempted to pass the obstacle course. As his family cheered him on, he attempted to overcome the salmon roll barrier slowly but was unable. Previously, he was the shortest candidate to scale the enormous wall.

Kyle McCreight participated in the performance alongside his best friend, his dog. He stated that Trey, his three-legged companion, saved his life. He admits to feeling lonely after his divorce, as his ex-wife had taken their two cats with her.

Then, he rescued Trey and helped him recuperate as an occupational therapist. Trey began to behave like other dogs shortly after he assisted him with paddling in the water.

The “Sunshine Ninja” Kyle was unable to overcome the fifth barrier. Due to her inability to complete the rollercoaster challenge, college lecturer Jennifer was unable to continue to the semifinals. The bookworm Becky was unable to finish the dominos task.

At the age of nine, Jordan Carr, who identified herself as a fierce competitor, began rock climbing professionally. Prior to this, she had been in the top eight of the Junior division of the tournament. She believed the most admirable feature of the program was that males and females competed together.

The 15-year-old claimed to be instructing other ninjas in her town. She overcame every obstacle, qualifying for the round as the youngest woman ever, and broke Casey Rothschild’s record for the youngest woman to press the buzzer.

Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET, NBC broadcasts American Ninja Warrior. Local listings contain more information.

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