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Caroline Inglis | The Wife Of Taylor Kopp | Net Worth

Caroline Inglis

Caroline Inglis is an expert golfer from Eugene, Oregon, United States. She was dubbed the Pac-12’s top player in Oregon program history and was a champion in 2014-2015.

The player feared she would never play golf professionally again. Nonetheless, Inglis had been rehabilitating from a back ailment for nearly two years, and occasionally things appeared bleak.

What is Caroline Inglis’s annual salary? Net Worth And Career

Sources indicate that Caroline Inglis has a net worth of $600,000. The golfer competed in the LPGA’s Amazingcre Portland Classic at Portland, Oregon’s Columbia Edgewater Country Club.

A skilled participant achieved a professional profit of $201,365. The least of her afflictions was that her back condition necessitated a medical procedure.

Caroline has competed in the LPGA since 2017 but has only one top-ten finish. When she made her LPGA début on a sponsor’s exemption in Oregon’s annual LPGA event in 2017 and 2016, she played twice on her home course.

In addition, the player receives income from brand agreements and sponsorships. In 2021, she had 21 opportunities where she made only four incisions. The player’s investment and winnings totaled approximately $77,780.

Inglis began playing proficiently in 2016 when she finished T44 at the 2016 LPGA final, where she qualified for the competition, thereby achieving classification 17 for the 2017 season.

In addition, on August 7, 2021, she achieved triumph at the Rose Ladies Series. Since she became proficient, her progress has been exemplary.

She returned quickly in 2020 despite her physical condition in 2019 when she was scheduled to undergo the procedure.

In general, her growing gaming portfolio reflects her development in golf and her impressive professional accomplishments.

Who is Taylor Kopp, Caroline Inglis’s husband? Marriage And Children Facts

Caroline Inglis is married to Taylor Kopp, her high school sweetheart. He is an amateur golfer from the United States and a trader at Bridgewell Resources LLC.

On September 7, 2019, the couple tied the knot. Their wedding was held in Portland, Oregon. They decided to marry after a lengthy courtship dating back to their Churchill High School days.

Unknown is whether they are graced with children. The couple was originally from Oregon, but they now live in Vancouver, Washington.

Taylor, the spouse of Inglis, placed T55 in his most recent Pacific Coast Amateur game in 2022. He is in his late twenties, while his wife is 28.

When Caroline and Taylor played golf for Churchill High School, they fell in love.

Who Are Caroline Inglis’ Professional Golfer Parents?

The LPGA golfer is the daughter of William (father) and Laurie (mother) Inglis. The child began playing golf at the tender age of 13 years.

In addition, she has a sibling named Colin Inglis. The golfer attributes her success to her parents, who introduced her to the sport. She appreciates having such a parent.

Inglis has a positive relationship with her sibling, as evidenced by her social media posts about him. Her family is religious and attends church on Sundays frequently.

Unfortunately, the golfer’s father was previously diagnosed with Leukemia. Her parents appear to support her. The child also posts on social media about the quality time she spends with them.

In addition, having her friends and family observe her every shot made her feel at ease. Alongside Inglis were Caroline’s spouse, Taylor Kopp, Kopp’s parents, Caroline’s parents, and a few other acquaintances.

Additionally, her father appears to encourage her, and her brother and mother are frequently present. Despite this, she persevered through adversity and achieved significant accomplishments with the support of her family.

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