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Carole Baskin Is Now Living A Blissful Married Life

Carole Baskin

With her appearances on Joe Exotic’s Tiger King, Carole Baskin became well-known in the entertainment and conspiracy theory industries.

Her life was mentioned in the show. Many of the discussions were on her personal life, relationships over the years, and her connection to the disappearance of her second husband.

Her four-decade dating history has a lot of information. Here is a summary of her romantic relationships over the years as well as her relationship with her current husband, who she has been with for more than half of those four decades.

Michael Murdock’s way of life

Michael Murdock, who was Baskin’s boss at a department store in Tampa, was the subject of her first reported romance. After escaping her home at the age of 15, she began working there when she was 17 years old.

Since she had been keeping her cat (an animal she cherished) in her car the entire day, Murdock, also known as Mike, agreed to let her keep it at his apartment. She liked him because of his generosity.

Current Husband of Carole Baskin

They got married and moved in together on April 7, 1979. She asserts that she only got married to him to placate her parents, who were angry that she was cohabitating with a man without being legally wed to him. She also says she never had feelings for him.

After discovering she was pregnant in October 1979, Jamie Veronica Murdock was born on July 16, 1980. Mike treated her abusively and with possessiveness. After their fairly frequent arguments, he beat her frequently while still keeping watch over her to prevent her from escaping.

After a particularly intense argument one evening in 1981, she was confident he would attack her once more. Potato was thrown at Baskin, 19, who then ran away from the house in his underwear. She never went back to him, thus they never got a legal divorce. The separation was finally completed a few years later. She met her second spouse while running from her first.

The Man Who Left His Wife

On Tampa’s streets that evening, an unidentified man approached her from behind. Baskin initially resisted getting into his car, but she eventually did when she became attracted to him and the weapon in the back seat.

But the weapon was never fired. Instead, he drove her to a hotel, where they had a long conversation. He captured her heart “right there and then,” she said.

At this time, Baskin just knew his invented name, Bob Martin, which was all he knew about him. They were both married when they started having an affair. When she called him at work one day, she only realized he wasn’t Bob Martin (full name – Jack Donald Lewis).

She only realized she was dating a billionaire at that time. In 1991, after concluding their divorces from their previous unions, they got married. In addition to helping him become significantly wealthier than when they first met, she had been with him for about ten years at that point.

Together, they founded Wildlife on Easy Street, an animal farm, on that street. They mostly owned cats, and because they were generating so much money, they were constantly arguing. Right in front of her eyes, his true nature was emerging.

She claimed that he was sexually obsessive and that he had numerous side relationships with other women. He frequently visited Costa Rica, which would turn out to be more important than it appears. As their marriage started to fail, Lewis got a restraining order against Baskin in June 1997. He claimed that she threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply with his request.

After his unsuccessful attempt to obtain a restraining order, he vanished after a short while. On Monday, August 18, 1997, Lewis had intended to drive cars to Costa Rica and run a few other tasks. That morning, he left their home and never returned. On August 19, 2002, he was declared legally dead but was never located.

In the wake of Lewis’ abrupt absence, Baskin moved on with another man. She started dating Jay Baykal soon after Lewis vanished. In 2002, Baykal also asked for a restraining order to be issued against her. Again, the police turned down his request.

He claimed that when he asked Baskin about Lewis and what would happen if he ever arrived, she responded, “Dead body cannot speak,” in his request.

Howard Baskin & Baskin

At a Tampa Bay, Florida, charity event for No More Homeless Pets in November 2002, Baskin met her future husband, Howard Baskin. Since they both enjoy animals, they grew close quickly. In 2003, Howard was elected to lead the advisory board for Big Cat Rescue. They were married in November 2004 after he got down on one knee in November 2003. They currently live in Florida and share management of the refuge.

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