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Carla Abellana | Parents, Siblings And Net Worth

Carla Abellana

Carla Angeline Reyes Abellana known as Carla Abellana is a well-known Filipino actress who is best known for her part in the Philippine version of Rosalinda, a popular Mexican drama.

Her film roles include Shake Rattle and Roll 12, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story, and Basahang Ginto.

In 2018, she played her first anti-heroine in the television series Pamilya Roces, and in 2020, she will appear in the family-oriented drama Love of My Life.

In addition, she is a YouTuber, commercial actor, and advocate for animal welfare.

Rey and Aurea are the parents of Carla Abellana

Carla Abellana was born on June 12, 1986, in Manila, Philippines. She comes from a renowned family in the entertainment industry.

Carla is the daughter of renowned actress Delia Razon and actor Rey PJ Abellana. She is more closely related to her mother than to her father.

Her father, Rey, is also a Filipino actor whose roles in notable television productions are well-known. He participated in the 1978 and 1980 television series Newsday on 13 and Anna Liza, respectively.

Her grandmother, Delia, was a well-known Filipino actress whose parents were German and Filipino-Spanish. Carla received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from De La Salle University.

Her ethnic background is recognized as multiracial as a result of the fact that her parents and ancestors are of diverse ethnicities. Her blended heritage is reflected by her German and Spanish ancestry.

Consequently, Abellana’s parents and family have influenced both her disposition and career.

Siblings of Carla Abellana

Regarding the unknown number of siblings, we know that Carla has an older sister named Erica Abellana-Espiritu. The actress has a close relationship with her sister.

Erica, her sibling, is quite pleased with her accomplishments. She posted a picture of Carla along with the caption, “Proud of this intelligent, strong, and independent woman. “Cheers, Abu, to your future dream home!”

Erica is married to her longtime companion and the mother of three children. She also enjoys baking and operates a small patisserie.

Ava, the eldest daughter of Erica, follows in her mother’s footsteps by owning her own apparel business, Sava Apparel.

In addition, Erica frequently posts photos of her children alongside her sister Carla and mother on social media. Aside from the preceding, few details about her siblings have been provided.

Net Worth of Carla Abellana

Abellana is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and has garnered significant recognition across both social media and traditional media channels.

She is widely renowned and acknowledged as one of the industry’s wealthiest actresses.

The Filipino actor has achieved professional success and amassed a substantial income by the age of 36, allowing her to live an opulent lifestyle.

Carla Abellana’s estimated net worth in 2023 is approximately $17.7 million. Consequently, Carla has amassed a substantial income over the course of her prosperous professional career.

By the age of 35, she has amassed a substantial income that enables her to live a comfortable and opulent lifestyle.

In addition to brand endorsements and advertisements, the actor’s Instagram account is a significant source of income.

The attractive model also has a very active YouTube channel with nearly one million subscribers. YouTube is also her primary income source.

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