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Candice Reed

Candice Reed

Candice Reed- Biography

Candice Reed is a California native. She is a math teacher who has come under fire for donning a wig and dancing or acting around the classroom while performing tomahawk chops.

Candice Reed- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Candice Reed was born in June 1985 and currently resides in Riverside, according to documents available on the internet. She previously lived in Corona, California, and no further information about her family, husband/boyfriend, or relatives could be found. She was formerly employed as a teacher at John. W. North High School, but she was fired as a result of this incident.

Video Goes Viral

A Native American student videotaped the entire situation and shared it on social media. One of the kids began shooting the entire video after seeing the teacher doing tomahawk chopping and spending several minutes watching her because he believed it was against him and he had the right to record it. The incident occurred at Riverside’s John W. North High School. At first, the student noticed the teacher conducting phony tomahawk chants and pulling out her headdress. When she began doing these things, the student immediately thought, “What is she going to do?”

According to the student, I am uploading such a video because this type of behavior can no longer be permitted. As adults, we advocate for our children. The pupil has asked to share the video and to get a word out of it. The student was recognized as a Native American, and he went on to say that we must put an end to violence and discrimination against indigenous youth in schools. There should be no excuse for such behavior, and we are not living in the 1960s, when she should have known better.

Quick Facts

Real NameCandice Reed
Birth DateJune 1985
Age (as of 2021)36 Years
ProfessionSchool Teacher
Sun sign

School’s Statement

The Riverside Unified School District Administration stated in one of their statements that a recording of our instructors has gone viral and is being disseminated on social media. They have also stated that such behavior would not be accepted and that it is strictly offensive to engage in such acts. Her actions do not reflect the values of our community. The teacher has been placed on leave for the time being while further investigations are conducted. The teacher can be seen dancing, shouting, and screeching “SOH CAH TOA” and executing phony tomahawk chants in the video.

Previous Experiences

Candice Reed is listed in the school yearbook as having engaged in this type of activity prior to her recent performance. People have uploaded a photo of her wearing a similar hat in the school’s yearbook in 2012. According to the screenshots of the photographs, the lady was seen dancing from one end of the room to the other. At the time, she was wearing an Indian headdress to emphasize her geometry fundamentals. According to one Twitter user, this will give the students a rough morning. Candice Reed must recognize that this was not the appropriate approach to educate local culture.

The lack of respect and the use of phony language was astounding. The district school department, on the other hand, wrote on the equality and inclusion ideals, stating that such behavior is not tolerated. We are sincerely committed to enacting inclusive practices and policies in order to enrich our diversity with values. We will work with our children, families, and staff to re-establish confidence.

The Social Media Backlash

Candice Reed’s video has also received a large number of nasty comments. People on social media have blasted her for behaving in such a way while dancing, dressing up in such a garb, and doing a phony tomahawk chop in a classroom. “I puked in my mouth,” one of the women writes. Some of them have even asked that the math teacher be fired from the school. Many people have left angry comments on the video on the district’s Facebook page, claiming that they are “hoping for the proper choice that the district would terminate her employment.” This is not acceptable conduct.”

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