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Brittany Borges

Brittany Borges

Brittany Borges- Biography

Brittany Borges is the youngest python princess in America, well known for her role as a serpent hunter in Guardians of the Glades and The Wildman. Borges is often referred to as a professional female plumber.

What is the Net Worth of Brittany Borges? Salary, Earnings

Brittany Borges got to fame after being cast in Discovery Channel’s Guardians of the Glades, alongside Dusty’s The Wildman, where she battles all deadly serpents with the crew. Borges, the snake hunter, is also a plumber. Brittany and her husband Jordan own a plumbing company. Brittany Borges’ net worth is commendable given her roles as a TV reality star and a female plumber. Her specific salary has yet to be revealed. Brittany Borges’ net worth is most likely in the $100,000 to $300,000 range.

Furthermore, Python Princess Brittany insists on killing snakes to defend other animals and protect her hometown of Florida. Furthermore, Borges despises killing Pythons, although it is rarely required to protect other species. Brittany, on the other hand, never kills them, therefore she delegated the responsibility to the rest of the group.

Brittany Borges- Relationship, Married Life

She is a snake hunter and was formerly married to former businessman Eddie Miller. Borges and Miller married in front of their closest friends and family members. Following their wedding, the couple founded a plumbing firm for their marriage, which tragically did not endure. Brittany and Eddie divorced after eight years of marriage, which was unfortunate for her. They concluded their divorce in a court of law. At the same time, the entire company was transferred to Borges’ husband, with Brittany losing her position.

However, as a result of their divorce settlement, Brittany developed something on her mind. She is now a fearless hunter. Python Princess Brittany married her current husband, Jordan Hagadorn, after their divorce. Borges and Hagadorn were married in January of 2019. Borges and her husband, on the other hand, kept the details of their official wedding private.

Brittany and her life partner run their plumbing business from their Naples, Florida home. Both teams are equally invested in their jobs. Borges and Hagadorn, unlike her former husband, appear to have mutual understanding and support for one another. Let us pray for Borges’ current marriage to be a long-lasting one.

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