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Bill Hutchinson Fiancee Supports Him Despite Sexual Assault Allegations

bill hutchinson

Bill Hutchinson was detained for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl who was residing in his and his family’s home in July 2021. According to reports, the youngster claimed that the real estate mogul repeatedly groped her without her permission.

According to KTVT and The Dallas Morning News, Bill was eventually freed on a $30,000 bail with the help of his current partner, who was also residing with Bill at the time of his arrest in his home.

What is the Net Worth of Bill Hutchinson? Salary, Earnings

Hutchinson established Dunhill Partners, Inc., a company for real estate development, where he also serves as president. The company has contributed to some of Dallas’ most successful real estate endeavors. In 2018, Hutchinson listed his 12,863 square foot, Coconut Groove estate in an Italian-inspired style for $9.5 million.

His Laguna Beach mansion was offered for $6.885 million, and among other Bill’s properties, he also sold his Texas home in secret for $3.325 million in August 2020.

Additionally, he sold his Miami vacation home for $10 million, despite its asking price increashavingfrom $8.2 million to $10 million before his controversy. Before being entangled in the sexual assault claims, the 63-year-old real estate agent had a net worth of roughly $100 million.

Despite Hutchinson’s denial of each charge, the accusations against him continue. Despite his difficult circumstances, the real estate tycoon appears to be a devoted father who has managed to maintain a healthy relationship with each of his children.

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Who is Bill Hutchinson?

The audience’s attention was also drawn to the couple’s 40-year age difference and Bill’s accusation. The fact that Bill’s current partner, Brianna Ramirez, 23, is younger than his first three daughters from his former marriage has kept her in the public eye frequently as of 2021. Despite the age difference, Bill believes the following about his relationship with Bri:

I believe that men and women have different levels of maturity, and I believe that I am probably pretty immature for my age. Ramirez, a former Tex-Mex waitress in Dallas, Texas, likewise doesn’t appear to have any issues with Bill’s prior marriages, which may be the reason why Bill has already accepted Bri as his “wife to be” despite their differing ages.

His ex-wives do not appear to be satisfied with their relationship, even though they are happy together. Bill’s first wife, Kathleen, has made it very apparent that she disapproves of his relationship with Bri partly due to the age gap between them. The Marrying Millions actor, it appears, adores family and wants his family to get along with his fiancée.

Is Bill Hutchinson Married? Relationship

Bill Hutchinson
Bill Hutchinson With His Wife [ Source: People ]
Before he met his current fiancée Brianna Ramirez, Bill was married twice. He had three daughters—Holly Hutchinson, Rachel Hutchinson, and Tess Hutchinson—with Kathleen, his first wife. Kathleen made her appearance on Marrying Millions when she wed Bill.

Hutchinson’s company Dunhill Partners employs all three of his daughters. The couple separated after dating for a few years, and it is said that his first ex-wife filed for divorce because of infidelity. After their divorce, Hutchinson married Kandis, his second ex-wife.

The pair has a son and a daughter as children. Their son King Hutchinson is 11 years old and appears to be a cool kid as of 2021, while their daughter Annabelle Hutchinson is 16.

It’s unclear when Bill and his ex-wife Kandis Hutchinson divorced, but given that they haven’t shared any photos of themselves since 2016, it’s possible that they did so the same year. The relationship between their children and Bill has not been harmed by their divorce, though. Additionally, it appears from Bill’s Instagram that his children from his ex-wives get along well with one another.

Phew! There is a lot of material available, but there is still more when it comes to his professional life. Bill Hutchinson, a real estate agent who was born in 1958, has amassed a sizeable wealth throughout his career and is now on the millionaire’s list.

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