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Before And After Plastic Surgery On Kitty Duterte: A New Look And Transformation

Kitty Duterte

Kitty Duterte plastic surgery news has spread across various platforms, with people posting before and after photos of her on TikTok.

Duterte is the daughter of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Kitty rose to prominence as a result of her father.

Her full name is Veronica Duterte, but she is better known as Kitty. She is 18 years old and has been active on social media platforms; her photos have gone viral.

Veronica has three older step-siblings; she was born to Honeylet Avancea and Rodrigo Duterte.

People have known Veronica since her father shared her pictures when she was younger, so she is well-known and has been followed for a long time.

Before And After Kitty Duterte Plastic Surgery New Look And Transformation

People have noticed a distinct change in Duterte’s face in recent pictures and videos compared to three years ago.

She was seen wearing braces, but they have since been removed, and her appearance has significantly changed. However, it does not appear that she has had any plastic surgery.

Her fans have been gossiping about the changes in her nose. They’ve mentioned that she’s had a nose job.

But she has not confirmed it; she has been seen wearing makeup, which may have changed her face slightly, but she does not appear to have had plastic surgery.

There have been TikTok videos made about her previous and current looks, which are vastly different. Given her age, it’s a clear glow-up.

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Duterte is 18 years old; she has changed her appearance; she has learned to apply makeup; and she has matured significantly, as evidenced by her photographs.

She also does not appear to be 18 years old; she appears much older. So it could be because of the makeup she wears while modeling.

Until now, it has not been clear whether she has had a nose job or any other plastic surgery; she has not spoken publicly about it.

As the question was unexpectedly raised, she may also share about her new look transformation.

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More Information on Kitty Duterte

Kitty Duterte is Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter; her full name is Veronica Duterte.

She was born on April 10, 2004, in the Philippine Commonwealth, United States. She has modeled and worked as a media influencer.

Honeylet Avancea is Veronica’s mother; she is a businesswoman and the current partner of the Philippines’ former president. Since 1996, her parents have been married.

Duterte has 1 million followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures of herself modeling, and other information.

If you want to learn more about her, visit her official Instagram account, @veronicaduterte.

Along with Instagram, she is also active on the Tiktok account, where she has a large following.

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