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Bang Chan ! The Youngest K-Pop Artist To Reach The KOMCA Top Ten

Bang Chan

Bang Chan, frontman of Stray Kids, is the youngest K-pop artist to enter the Top 10 on the KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Association) chart. This is due to the adaptability of the idol. He is capable of rapping, singing, dancing, producing, composing, and creating music.

In a few days, he will turn 25, but according to KOMCA data from September 19, he has already written 137 songs.

With the release of HEYDAY (Street Man Fighter Vol. 4 Dance Crew OST) on September 20, Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN’s songwriting repertoire grew by one (3RACHA). This raises the leader’s total song credits to 138, tying him with BAP’s Yongguk for the seventh position.

However, at only 24 years old, he is the youngest K-pop star to achieve this remarkable feat. RAVI, RM of BTS, PSY, G-Dragon, and Zico are all among the top 10 idols.

Not only is the founder of God’s Menu the youngest on the KOMCA list, but he is also the only fourth-generation K-pop star.

Changbin and HAN, his fellow 3RACHA members, are now rated 17th and 18th with 122 and 119 tracks, respectively (which will increase by 1 in the next ranking with the addition of HEYDAY’s release).

Bang Chan’s accomplishments are celebrated by STAY fans

Bang Chan, the leader responsible for choosing his debut members after seven years as a trainee, is now the youngest K-pop idol and the only fourth-generation idol to rank in the top ten of the KOMCA credits list.

The latest update on the KOMCA website has Stray Kids in tenth place, much to the delight of the band’s Twitter followers.

This notion is supported by HEYDAY, which 3RACHA published yesterday for Street Man Fighter. Bang Chan has 138 composition credits, which include songs from the upcoming MAXIDENT and HEYDAY albums.

Fans praised this accomplishment on Twitter by recalling the obstacles Bang Chan has encountered since his debut. They also praised the idol for being the most renowned fourth-generation K-pop star recognized by the KOMCA.

Notably, Changbin and HAN of Stray Kids are the only fourth-generation K-pop artists to rank within the KOMCA’s top 20. They share space with PSY, G-Dragon, BTS’ RM and SUGA, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, DAY6’s Young K, and HIGHLIGHT’s Jun Hyung, among others.

The MANIAC group’s discography includes the 3RACHA track (Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN). They are rare idols who compose, arrange, and compose their own music.

The 3RACHA unit composed the group’s legendary title tracks Hellevator, Side Effects, MIROH, God’s Menu, Back Door, and, most recently, Thunderous and MANIAC.

Stray Kids has continued to impress over their 4.5 years in the K-pop industry. It will be intriguing to see if Stray Kids can ever hit the top five on the KOMCA chart.


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