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AZN- Biography

Jeff Bonnett was born in Oklahoma, USA, and is a racer best known for being a part of the televised TV show “Street Outlaws,” in which he can primarily be seen with fellow cast members and racers such as Farm Truck, in which AZN is actually noted for doing the majority of the talking.

What is the Net Worth of AZN? Salary, Earnings

According to accounts, he has a net worth of more than $1 million as of 2022, primarily from his success with autos and the reality show “Street Outlaws.” He’s been working on vehicles since he was a child, and his fortune is projected to grow as he continues his activities.

Education Details

AZN was in high school when he was taught to drive by his stern father, who frequently yelled at him but eventually lead him to his driver’s license. His first car was a 1964 Chevy II/Nova, which he could only afford thanks to a loan from his father, which he paid back in monthly installments.

AZN- Relationship, Girlfriend

While AZN’s reputation and net fortune have surged as a result of the show, nothing is known about his family background other than the fact that his father taught him how to drive. Many people speculate about his romantic life, as he has never disclosed a girlfriend or a wife. He is most certainly single, and he appears to be more concentrated on his enthusiasm for vehicles than anything else. Because of the nature of the filming for “Street Outlaws,” he also works and travels a lot. According to him, the show has become a household name and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

AZN- Professional Career

To pay for his car, he had to undertake odd jobs, such as painting house address numbers on the curb so that the fire service could find them in the event of a fire. He grew obsessed with his first car, so much so that he decided he wanted his entire life to revolve around cars. AZN learned how to drive better, increasing the capability of his car and learning how to modify it so that it could go quicker. He would eventually meet fellow racer Farm Truck, with whom he would become close friends. AZN would finally sell his first automobile after various changes, such as installing a V-8 engine and an automatic transmission. It was the car in which he participated in his first street race, but it was also the vehicle in which he received his first speeding penalty!

Outlaws on the Street

AZN would eventually become a member of a crew that would be featured in the reality television documentary series “Street Outlaws,” which began airing on the Discovery Channel. The show looks at street racing both behind the scenes and on the streets. The show features racers who claim to have the fastest automobiles in the country, as well as others who emphasize this lifestyle.

The show’s drivers come from a variety of backgrounds and have joined forces because they share a passion for racing. Since 2013, the show has aired for a total of ten seasons, with each season consisting of up to 15 episodes. The show’s popularity has earned several of its racers international notoriety, and the show has also spawned its own spin-off, “Street Outlaws: New Orleans.” According to AZN, the show has helped the automobile sector communicate with the general public, as well as attract viewers who are interested in the vehicles.

Notable occurrences

AZN has been through key events that have been recorded in the show during the duration of “Street Outlaws.” AZN was spotted modifying an ancient Volkswagen Beetle nicknamed Dung Beetle owing to its appearance, the car eventually becoming a 1000HP turbo-charged vehicle with an engine capable of competing with multiple street racing cars. His close friend Farmtruck was also able to purchase AZN’s first car, which he had sold, and personally give it to AZN. He describes it as a wonderful experience to be able to reunite with his first car.

In the episode, AZN is mostly seen driving a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which he says is ideal for him in terms of daily driving because it’s all-purpose and can be used for a variety of tasks. It has a lot of storage space and is an all-wheel-drive, with several upgrades done throughout the years. He also highlights how nicely it handles and how it can reach 200 miles per hour if necessary, which is an unusual trait for an SUV. Because of how much work is done on the Jeep, it receives a lot of upgrades and upkeep.

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