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Aydan Conrad First Met His Girlfriend At The Airport

Aydan Conrad

Streamer Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, also known as ‘Ghost Aydan,’ who rose to fame through his legendary Fortnite broadcasts, has a partner who shares his tastes. In addition to being his personal companion, Conrad’s girlfriend is also his professional partner. She is a full-time Twitch broadcaster and has appeared in his YouTube and Twitch shows.

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In an airport, Aydan Conrad met his lover for the first time

Conrad is currently seeing Danielle Sweets, whom he claims to have met at an airport. In a 2019 YouTube video introducing his fiancee, the YouTuber stated that he met Sweets while traveling for a competition.

At a Starbucks in the Chicago airport, the two were seated. As the streamer called Sweets at the airport to organize a meeting in advance, it appeared that the two had met previously. Sweets insisted that the meeting was a date, but her partner argued that it was only because she made an effort to see him.

Aydan and Dani have two pets in their home

Conrad and Sweets’ relationship has advanced greatly from their first encounter at the airport; they now reside together. Multiple tweets from the streamer and his fiancée reveal that they have two dogs named Bambi and Thumper.

Since the streamer stated in a 2019 YouTube Q&A video that he was “not ready” for two dogs, Thumper appears to be a recent addition.

They also said that when Bambi was a puppy, he was the root of countless disagreements between them. In addition, none of them could now afford to raise two dogs, both financially and in terms of time.

Taking care of a young dog required, predictably, a large amount of time and dedication from an already busy schedule.

According to elementary math, acquiring a second dog would result in a doubling of these efforts. Nevertheless, the couple overcame all of that and decided to acquire another furry child.

Additionally, Danielle Sweets, a Twitch Streamer

Sweets is a Twitch streamer who enjoys playing a variety of games, such as Rust, Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and, of course, Fortnite.

According to her Twitch profile, she has been playing video games since receiving a Nintendo DS at age five. In addition, her Twitter account features the flags of Cambodia and Vietnam, hinting that she is a native of one or both of these countries.

Since both Sweets and Conrad are Twitch broadcasters, their paths have crossed several times throughout the course of their respective streaming careers.

Indeed, Conrad stated that their full-time streaming employment made it impossible to care for their dog, resulting in numerous disagreements.

Despite this, Sweets is always supportive of her boyfriend’s professional endeavors, and Conrad has appeared in challenges and Fortnite broadcasts on Sweets’ YouTube channel.

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