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AustinShow Opened Up About Being Gay On His Twitch Channel


When June rolls around, it can only mean one thing: Pride month. While most people choose to commemorate this vibrant month on social media with rainbow hashtags and story rings, some people prefer to think back on their coming-out experiences.

On June 1, 2022, Twitch broadcaster AustinShow visited Twitter to commemorate the second anniversary of his coming out.

“To my LGBTQ+ pals, Happy Pride!” This month, I’m celebrating two years of being openly gay, the streamer said.

For the first 25 years of his life, he was unhappy with his sexuality and had avoided disclosing it to anyone, but now he was thrilled to do so. Additionally, he delivered a loving greeting to his LGBTQ+ family. \”You are valuable and loved regardless of who you are.” Following the outpouring of love from his friends and followers, he thanked everyone for their good wishes in a tweet.

AustinShow Discloses Being Gay

Through his Twitch Livestream and Twitter account, AustinShow made his official entrance in April 2020. The streamer first didn’t feel the need to publicly address his sexuality, but after going on Reddit, he realized there were misconceptions about him.

Users on Reddit felt he was dishonest since he claimed to be someone else. Even though this was not his real name, AustinShow was originally known as Rajj Patel to the uninitiated.

However, he gave up playing the online persona in 2020 after realizing it was wrong and offensive to the Indian community. “ Redditors said, “Well, you know, he’s been pretending to be an Indian for many years, so I imagine this is [being gay] his latest phony plan for views.'” I had to come out, which is what I did. The streamer urged viewers to read the tweet.

He offered his message to those who were still in the closet and thanked everyone for their love and support messages. He acknowledged that it was difficult to embrace one’s sexuality, but he advised individuals to be unrepentant and proud of who they were.

Confronting His Sexuality: AustinShow

The streamer also struggled with his sexuality before coming out, despite his support. The G4TV host spoke about his sexuality and the journey he took to accept it during an episode of Attack of the Show: The Loop.

His friend and fellow presenter Kevin Pereira shared a joke the Twitch broadcaster allegedly told him before filming, in which he said that “being homosexual [was] his brand.” Although AustinShow came out on Twitter at the age of 25, he had informed his loved ones a year earlier, according to AustinShow.

The streamer went on a journey of self-discovery and self-denial. He believed for many years that he was straight since society had taught him that he would eventually find love with a woman.

“Even though I grew up in a rather liberal household, people talked about my potential relationships with people, one of which being with a woman.”

The streamer stated, “It’s like, ‘OK, so I’m straight. He wasn’t old enough to comprehend what he was going through. AustinShow seemed to have a better sense of himself as an adult, though.

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