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At Age 67, Beni Johnson Passed Away


The co-founder of Bethel Church, Beni Johnson, passed away on July 13 at the age of 67 following a protracted battle with cancer. Bill, Beni’s husband, paid her tribute on Facebook and declared her to be “healthy and free.” The post drew a flood of comments from the general public, even as Beni’s son Brian posted on Instagram about his suffering, saying, “My mother returned home tonight. Mom, you are the best.

Quick Biography

Cause Of Death For Beni Johnson

Beni was identified with breast cancer in 2018. Two malignancies in her right breast, according to the doctors’ claims at the time, had been excised. She was found to have a BR2 gene mutation, which increased the likelihood that she would develop cancer once more. Since Beni began experiencing respiratory problems in February 2022, Bethel Church has urged everyone to pray for her.

They wrote at the time,

“Beni Johnson has been fighting cancer, as many of you are well aware. We have been regularly praying, and she has noticed some improvement.

After a protracted battle with her illness, the church announced on July 13 that she was receiving hospice care at home. Then they added,

The doctors and Bill and Beni determined late last week that it was time to switch from chemotherapy treatment to symptom alleviation, thus this is the current position. At the moment, Beni is getting hospice care at home.

Twitter users express gratitude

As one of the leaders of the Bethel Church, Beni Johnson gained notoriety. When the news of her passing spread, Twitter was inundated with tributes. In their tributes, some people mentioned how Beni had encouraged or supported them in pursuing their goals.

Even while many people were devastated by Beni’s passing, a few made it clear that they did not agree with the Johnson family’s principles. In the hopes that “the Lord would enlighten their eyes to the truth,” people also discussed the experiences of others who interacted with the family and their beliefs.

Detailed information on Beni Johnson

The goal of the Bethel Church was connected to Beni’s name and prayer. She contributed to the creation of Bethel’s Prayer House and the Intercession Team. Johnson also offered a phrase the church may use to promote its own physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Her hope was to see God’s people live happy, free lives and pave the way for the return of the world to its special condition of well-being.

In addition, her love for people, concern for their welfare, and dedication to prayer all contributed to the mission-critical breakthrough for Bethel. Her desire for all of God’s people to experience life to the fullest may be summed up as a totally satisfying prayer.

The Happy Intercessor, Healthy and Free, The Power of Communion, 40 Days to Wholeness, and more books were also written by Johnson. Longtime top leaders at Bethel Congregation, famed for its praise songs and emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s gifts, are Beni and her husband Bill.

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