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Ashley Russell Claims Adam Levine Of Maroon 5 Sent Her Flirtatious Text Messages

Ashley Russell

Fitness blogger and Alabama college student Ashley Russell has accused Adam Levine of approaching her on Instagram. The influencer stated that he began sending her text messages early this year.

Russell was criticized after four additional women claimed to have had similar encounters with the artist. According to Ashley Russell, the Instagram chats began on March 13.

According to the 21-year-old, the singer of Moves Like Jagger followed her Instagram stories and contacted her “almost every night around 10 p.m.”

Russell, who was 20 years old at the time they met online, stated that he “constantly viewed” her Instagram story.

He would typically respond with something about leg or booty day at the gym when asked about his interests.

Adam Levine penned one of his messages as follows:

“Leg day is the most important and easiest to forget.”

In another message, he inquired as to whether Russell was enrolled in college before remarking,

“Great work on legs.” According to the fitness influencer, he stopped sending her direct messages after she told him that he would be “found DMing women like me.”

An Alabama student exposed Adam Levine for texting her on Instagram

The influencer has 4,383 followers on Instagram. The majority of Russell’s Instagram posts are of her working out and displaying her body. “Health x workout,” reads her Instagram bio.

Russell appears to be new to the influencer scene, but it hasn’t stopped her from posting often to create a following. Also, she has a series of Instagram stories that focus primarily on fitness. The terms “feelin it,” “workouts,” and “2021” are included.

Her most recent Instagram post occurred only one day ago. Following what appeared to be a workout, the influencer was taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror. She also uploaded to the carousel a series of images in which she displayed her figure. She authored the caption:

“photographs throughout the next several weeks”

I must be more consistent with my creatine use, which I will (hopefully) do.” The influencer does not appear to be sponsored by a brand. With a growing fan base, however, enthusiasts should expect its imminent arrival.

Ashley Russell stated in an interview that Adam Levine’s conversation with her was “weird,” so she continued the conversation with him to see where it would go. Additionally, he allegedly told her he discovered her on Instagram’s Explore Page. She disclosed:

“He claimed he found me on Instagram through his Explore Page because he is ‘big into fitness,’ and I have a fitness account. I realized it was odd, so I wanted to see if it got worse.”

Russell wrote on Instagram that Adam Levine ceased communicating with her after she told him that she would be discovered. Yet, he continued to watch her stories. She went on to say,

The fact that he is married and behaving in such an immature manner hurts me.

She went on to say,

“I’m intrigued to see what his feed consists of… only young women?

” I find that really bizarre.”

Prior to Russell’s admission, the first person to accuse Levine of cheating was Instagram model Sumner Stroh. In response, yoga instructor Alanna Zabel accused him of sending unsolicited text messages.

Maryka, a comedian and Grammy-winning singer, also accused Levine of flirting with them. Behati Prinsloo is married to Adam Levine. The couple is currently expecting their third child.

The Victoria’s Secret model is outraged, but she feels there was no physical affair, according to a person close to her.

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