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Ashley Judd Escapes Near Death Experience; Relationship Status Following Husband’s Divorce

Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd, an American actress, and political activist wrote on Instagram in February 2021 about her near-death experience brought on by a startling fall while visiting a camp in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Quick Biography

Where was Ashley Judd born? Family

Ashley Tyler Ciminella, also known as Ashley Judd, was born in Granada Hills, California, on April 19, 1968. Naomi Judd, an actress, and Michael Ciminella are her parents. After her divorce, her actress mother reared her alone. In addition, Wynonna Judd, a somewhat popular country singer, is Ashley’s half-sister. She has not revealed about her family member.

Update on Ashley Judd’s Health After Near Death

Ashley suffered a terrible accident in Africa in February 2021 while traveling to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to observe the critically endangered bonobos monkey. She tripped over a tree and suffered a broken leg and other life-threatening injuries, including internal bleeding. She had since been getting better in the United States.

Ashley’s mother Naomi provided an update on her condition following her 55-hour rescue from the wilderness on Watch What Happened Live. She uttered:

She is brave and undergoing healing. It’s quite difficult to watch her in this state. She lives next door, so after we’re done, I’ll go up and remove her stitches. Before I became a singer, I worked as a nurse.

Ashley updated her Instagram followers on her health as well. She conveyed her appreciation to everyone who had assisted her in getting better. She expressed her gratitude to her doctors, the Hughton Clinic, and the personnel at Skyline Hospital, and not to forget her friends and family.

But on August 2nd, something happened that made everyone happy. Judd posted several videos of her resuming her walking. Moreover, she discussed her recuperation process. Due to her accident, Judd needed substantial medical attention and therapy. And because she is a warrior, she overcame her obstacles and reclaimed her leg strength. She posted a video of herself trekking in the Swiss National Park and described how she climbed the hill in an hour and down it without difficulty.

She shared the thrilling experience, saying,

“Never again will my leg be the same. The new leg is she. And I cherish her. We are friends. We’ve gone a long way, and we have a wonderful life in front of us.”

Judd’s experience has been unique. As elegant as she is, she took the time to express her gratitude to everyone who has helped her get well. She added the following to her caption:

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who made my recovery possible. I’ve already mentioned a number of them, including trauma orthopedic physician Dr. Phil Kregor. He bravely decided to decompress my severely injured peroneal nerve after consulting with doctors Susan Mackinnon and Scott Levin.

Her Instagram post warmed many of our hearts, and we wish the 53-year-old nothing but the best. We congratulate her on her accomplishment and wish her the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Is Ashley Judd Married? Relationship

Dario Franchitti
Ashley Judd With His Husband Dario Franchitti (Source: Us Weekly)

The actress from Kiss, the Girl married Dario Franchitti, a three-time Indianapolis 500 champion, believing him to be the love of her life. Before getting married in a Scottish castle in December 2001, the couple had been engaged for two years.

Ashley frequently watched her husband race during their 11-year marriage while she was in the pit area. Sadly, it appeared that their marriage had reached its end when they decided to separate on their own on January 30, 2013.

Even though the former race driver and actress are no longer married, they get along well. Dario is now wed to Eleanor Robb after getting remarried. Sofia, the daughter of Dario, has Ashley as her godmother. Ashley had been associated with numerous personas before her marriage to her ex-husband, Dario.

Although there were reports that she dated Brady Anderson and David Duchovny, Lyle Lovett, a country singer-songwriter, is her first widely acknowledged lover. They started dating in 1991 but didn’t last long before breaking up in 1992.

Ashley was said to have dated several famous people after the breakup, including Robert De Niro.

Michael English was, nevertheless, her lover in the year 1995. After a brief romance with Matthew McConaughey in 1996 while working on a movie, Ashley began dating him.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out again, and over the years, she had brief relationships with partners like Josh Charles and Michael Bolton.

How tall is Ashley Judd? Weight, Hair Color

Ashley is best known for the films Kiss the Girl (1997) and Double Jeopardy. She is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall and 62 kilograms (137 lbs) in weight (1999). She most recently appeared in the film A Dog’s Way Home. Judd is an activist in addition to being an actor.

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