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Arnel Pineda Life with Wife & Net Worth

Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda, a well-known singer from the Philippines, quickly rose to prominence in the American music business thanks to his rock group, Journey.

Pineda, who began signing while he was in his teens, also has a happy personal life that he shares with his wife.

He and his wife have been developing a euphonious and enchanted tone of love for the past ten years as they journey through love.

What is the Net Worth of Arnel Pineda? Salary, Earnings

Arnel was born in 1967, began working at the age of 15, and his mother passed away from heart illness two years later.

The majority of Pineda’s boyhood was spent in poverty, and there were times when the rent for his household was due for six months or more.

To make life easier at home, Pineda decided to forgo his degree and start working.

Pineda’s life quickly changed from collecting glass bottles to newspapers, and soon he was working as the main vocalist of the Filipino band Ijos.

Pineda’s career eventually advanced when he was asked to travel to Hong Kong and perform at the Grammys, a highly regarded restaurant.

In 2007, he became a member of the band Journey, and he has remained a crucial member ever since. Pineda has had a nearly four-decade-long career and is still very active in the music business. He has never lost his enthusiasm for music.

The singer has a multimillion-dollar net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pineda’s impressive net worth has grown to $20 million over the course of his career.

Arnel Pineda has demonstrated time and time again that perseverance and hard effort always triumph over all obstacles, including financial ones, despite the various challenges he has faced in his life.

He used to have financial difficulties but now has a net worth that will sustain him for the rest of his life and beyond.

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Is Arnel Pineda Married? Relationship

Love is a source of pleasure, much like music is. And Arnel Pineda and his wife Cherry Pineda have enjoyed this enormous source of delight ever since their wedding day.

After getting married in 2001, the two embarked on their tranquil journey, and they have now been married for a full ten years.

Arnel Pineda
Arnel Pineda With His Wife (Source Instagram)

They believe that when words fail, music communicates, and in the couple’s case, words have never been an issue. Arnel’s wife has the same enthusiasm for music as he does.

She is a fantastic vocalist with a special sweetness to her voice and excellent vocal control, which demonstrates just how skilled a singer she is.

It is understandable why the couple opted to spend the rest of their time together singing a slow love song.

Additionally, each of them has a unique manner of showing the other their love. You guessed it.


The musician frequently uploads images of himself with his wife and includes a song in them. Despite how lovely the words are, they don’t really need to say much to convey how much he loves his wife.

On his 50th birthday, they both performed together.

It is always lovely to catch a peek of the two together because they are frequently spotted smiling gleefully in each other’s pictures.

Their young children have been exactly the right touch in the family to make their lives more relaxed, as joyful as their life is together.

Matthew and Angeloborn are the names of the two sons that Arnel has from a prior union. Similar to this, he has Thea Chenelle Pineda and Cherub Pineda as his children from his union with Cherry.

In 2012, he welcomed his youngest child.

Pineda, a father of four and the husband of a devoted wife, has experienced great love, happiness, and, not to mention, a wildly prosperous career.

a profession that has elevated him to the status of a multimillionaire. Yes, Pineda’s astronomical net wealth is the icing on top of his already happy life.

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