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Are Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens, And Dante Wicker Still missing in Detroit? Update On The Case

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Armani Kelly, 28, Montoya Givens, 31, and Dante Wicker, 31, are Detroit rappers who have gone missing after their show was canceled due to an equipment malfunction.

There have been no hints about the current status and well-being of the three men who met in prison.

Authorities and their families have made numerous efforts to locate the three.

Numerous flyers have been distributed throughout Detroit by family members and locals.

Many people are already fearing the worst because the three aspiring rappers have been missing for more than ten days.

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Rappers from Detroit are missing

Three Detroit rappers are missing after their show was canceled: Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens, and Dante Wicker.

According to Michael McGinnis, commander of major crimes, the alleged concert was scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2023, in a Detroit club.

McGinnis went on to say that there are many “unanswered questions” and that all of their phones “stopped having activity” by January 22.

The next day, one of the victim’s mothers filed a missing person report and used OnStar to look for the car.

In Warren, Michigan, the car, a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox, had moved three times.

It was discovered in a condo complex by authorities on January 23.

When word of Armani Kelly’s disappearance spread, family members of the other two rappers were also notified that they hadn’t seen their loved ones.

So, in just a few days, the families of Montaya Givens and Dante Wicker filed missing person reports.

The Detroit Police Department urged anyone with information about the disappearances to call and share it with the authorities.

However, in order to maintain privacy while they search for the three, authorities have not released any lead or update statements about the case.

Lorrie Kemp, Armani’s mother, who remains hopeful, distributed flyers throughout his hometown of Lansing in an attempt to locate him.

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Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens, and Dante Wicker Have Been Found?

Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens, and Dante Wicker are still missing after going missing on January 21.

Kelly, Givens, and Wicker, all 28, were supposed to perform at a nightclub in Detroit on the day they went missing.

Armani Kelly, also known as Marley Whoop, texted his fiance, Taylor Perrin, that the show had been canceled.

That was the last time the three rappers sent a message or contacted anyone.

Kelly and the two most likely looked for open mic events in the area.

The three met in the prison. Perrin stated that her fiance was a completely different person after serving his sentence.

Kelly, aka Markey Whoop, is a Detroit-based aspiring rapper who frequently uploads videos to his YouTube channel.

He had a successful first performance last year and was planning a larger performance this time.

Armani’s mother told WXYZ that her son had survived prison for eight years and that she was concerned that he had been murdered while he was free.

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