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Arati Podi

Arati Podi

Arati Podi, a well-known celebrity from South India, was born on September 12 and was between the ages of 1995 and 1996.

In South India, she is well-known for her work as a designer and model. After developing a romantic relationship with Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 participant Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan, she gained notoriety.

Arati’s photo was posted on Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan’s Instagram account, and when his 1.1 million followers discovered it, they began to look into her. You can learn more about Miss Arati, the girlfriend of Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan, in this article.

Who is Arati Podi?

Wiki Arati Podi: She is a young woman who has captured the attention of the crowd with her business prowess and romantic relationships. She frequently shares stunning images of her own custom-designed Indian designer clothing on social media. She is the owner and operator of “Podeis.”

Her abilities as an entrepreneur are excellent and on par with many well-known Indian designers and entrepreneurs. Arati’s apparel line is popular among many people in the south of India.

What is the Net Worth of Arati Podi? Salary, Earnings

The financial situation of Arati Podi is not well known. However, she also makes money from advertising brands on her Instagram profile in addition to her clothesline.

She has previously advertised a few cosmetic companies on her Instagram. Arati’s current estimated net worth is close to 3.5 crore INR.

Where was Arati Podi? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Arati Podi is a young woman who has gained notoriety in the public owing to her abilities in business and romantic relationships but has not impressed websites like Wikipedia. Even if she is not listed on Wikipedia, we still have access to a lot of information about her life. Let us inform you that Arati relocated to Kochi in 2020 from Kunnamukulam with her family.

However, while we can confirm that she resides in Kochi, we cannot confirm that she was born there.

She attended the Vivekodayam Boys’ Higher Secondary School in Thrissur at first, then the Vivekodayam Boys Higher Secondary School as she grew older and became a wonderful young child. Arati attended the Nehru Arts and Science College in Coimbatore after graduating from high school. She is currently pursuing her interest in designing clothing.

We are confident that you will like seeing images of Arati Podi with her parents, sister, and other family members if you look at her personal life through her social media accounts.

Since 2021, her father, Mr. Padath Sajeesh, has worked in the oil field sector. Arati withholds the names of her biological mother and sister. But we did show her admirers a photo of her family.

Arati’s father also models his daughter’s clothing line, Podeis, in addition to this. Every piece of fashionable clothing Arati created for her father makes him seem wonderful.

How did Arati Podi start her Professional Career?

2020 is the answer to the question of when Arati Podi’s career began. After graduating with honors from Nehru College, she improved her entrepreneurship skills.

She created her clothing line, Podeis, in January 2020 using both her business and fashion design skills. Her clothing line, Podeis, currently sells designer apparel for children, men, brides, grooms, and women. At Podeis, there is a wide range of selections for every event.

Arati has worked hard to grow her Podeis business Instagram profile to 23.5k followers. She collaborated with other south Indian models who were professionals to model her clothing. Arati’s sister, mother, and father are all models for her clothing line.

Is Arati Podi Single? Relationship

We informed you at the beginning of the article that Arati is gaining notoriety due to her romantic relationship with Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan. Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan recently gave an interview to the media in which he discussed his engagement with Arati. In addition to being a doctor, Robin is also a motivational speaker, actress, screenwriter, and contestant on reality television.

From the Government Medical College in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, he earned his MBBS degree. Arati is the cutest girl Robin has ever seen, according to Robin. Rahul has received the Star Book of Records’ Global Youth Achievement Award 2020 and India Star Icon Award 2020.

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