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Andrew Zimmern, Supporter Of Homosexuality, Is To Blame For His Failed Married Life

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern is a popular television host of the Travel Channel program Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern and a four-time James Beard Award-winning chef and culinary adventurer. But in his early years as an adult, he was a homeless, severely drug-dependent man residing in a Manhattan abandoned building.

But after getting married, he turned to sobriety. Although his marriage helped him to sober up, he blames himself when his marriage ended after many years of being together.

What is the Net Worth of Andrew Zimmern? Salary, Earnings

With a $14 million fortune, American chef, author, educator, and justice activist Andrew Scott Zimmern is also a teacher. He became wealthy from his work as the show’s co-creator, host, and consulting producer.

Where was Andrew Zimmern born?

Andrew Zimmern, one of the most well-known celebrity chefs in the world, was born on July 4, 1961.

The chef was nurtured in a Jewish home in New York City where he was born. He recalls attending James Beard’s well-known Christmas and Sunday open houses with his two dads as a youngster, and he attributes his early culinary aspirations to Beard’s generosity.

To promote cultural acceptance, tolerance, and understanding via food, he has organized several literary and cooking events. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel called Andrew Zimmern Cooks where he presents a cuisine web series. Last but not least, he created and markets his line of spice blends and individual spices through Badia Spices.

Is Andrew Zimmern Married? Relationship

Andrew Zimmern
                             Andrew Zimmern With His Wife Rishia Haas  (Source: the money. co)

The chef can speak to the proverbial adage that “the bed isn’t always full of roses,” as he, too, experienced a happy marriage that ended in divorce. The TV celebrity and his then-wife, Rishia Haas, connected through a love of cooking while visiting Minneapolis. The couple was married on December 26th, 2002. They raised their teen son, Noah, who was born in Monterey, California, together.

Before they got married, Zimmern battled his addiction and rebuilt his life after doing drugs for many years. Similar to this, his then-wife also worked a few times at reputable drug and alcohol treatment centers, which was quite helpful and enjoyable for him while he recovered.

Even though the couple had a lot in common after 16 years of marriage, things regrettably came to an end when they made their break official in 2018, which has now been verified in divorce. The divorce was difficult but just, and the chef claims that he is solely to blame for the split.

Given his demanding media profession, he claimed to The New York Times that calling the divorce was his responsibility for not being present.

“I aspire to be the best father and ex I can be.”

Zimmern still shares photos of his ex-wife and child on social media despite their separation. He has no reluctance to express how much they mean to him!

On Instagram, he described Rishia as having “gold standards,” giving the rest of us a sense of how much he values her. He tweeted a picture with a caption on Mother’s Day;

“The bravest mother I am aware of is @therishia. Stop there. For our son, she bravely confronts conflagrations that no one else can even approach, and frequently not even she can smell the smoke!”

The chef has undoubtedly accepted responsibility for his actions and is working to improve himself.

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Andrew Zimmern, An Ally: Parental Influence on Gay Sentiments

The 60-year-old creates a serene environment for gay guys in his heart. The chef was adopted by a lesbian couple after his birth parents separated when he was a young child. He talked with Eater in 2014 and described how he grew up with his gay parents.

The culinary explorer posted a thank you message on Instagram on June 13, 2014, to his two fathers for all the love and attention he had growing up. He also thanked his fathers for their 47 years of marriage and said he wished every child could have parents who loved them as much as he did.

Although he is heterosexual, he not only loves and supports gay people but also gets angry when people criticize the alternative way of life. For instance, a Kentucky judge in 2017 rejected the adoption petition of a same-sex couple because he was against it. The court first ruled that it was not in the child’s best interests for them to be raised by a gay person.

Zimmern, who was greatly outraged by the incident, hurried to Facebook to explain his side of the story and even referred to the judge as an “imbecile” for his opinions. He continued by saying that gay parents were better than abusive and neglectful straight parents. Another instance would be the tweet he published on January 28, 2018, in which he criticized critics for making inaccurate and sexist claims about same-sex couples.

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