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Andrea Rose Russett’s Dating Life: Her Boyfriend, Ex, Career

Andrea Rose Russett

One of the numerous YouTube stars we grew up admiring is Andrea Rose Russett. She is also one of the YouTube stars that helped the globe see teenagers develop into adults. Her vulnerability in her dating life resulted from the exposure. Her relationship with Kian Lawley was recently brought up after she was linked to Hunter Moreno.

Quick Biography

Andrea Rose Russett- Biography

Andrea was born on June 27, 1995. Since 2013, the twenty-four-year-old model has also created garments for her FLAWD Clothing clothing line, but the line has been discontinued since 2019. On her YouTube channel, she has more than two million subscribers and over 196 million views.

Andrea is a YouTuber who shares videos about her life, relationships, beauty tips, and hairstyles. Andrea is a tall woman who stands at five feet two inches (1.57 m). A $2 million estimate has been made for Andrea’s net worth.

Andrea Rose Russett- Relationship, Boyfriend

Since a young age, the YouTuber has lived a public existence. When she was 18 years old, she began dating Kian Lawley. The two couples dared to make their romance public in 2013 when YouTube began to gain popularity.

This attracted a lot of attention since, at the time, many found it exciting to have access to someone’s publicly displayed dating life. And in an instant, everyone could see and assess her private life in addition to just herself.

On their YouTube, which is still up on Andrea’s channel, the two recorded and shared everything, including their kisses, hugs, and laughs. People felt more connected to the two since they posted their videos together and were transparent about their relationship.

The viewers were unfamiliar with seeing someone’s intimate relationship up close, and witnessing a youthful love story unfold that was characterized by humor and adoration increased their sense of wonder of them.

But after a year, the cherished connection and memories were quickly over. It was difficult to accept the rumors that the well-liked couple, also known by the handle #Kiandrea, was no longer together because their relationship and their shared activities were perfect.

But when reality show host Lawley appeared on PacificRimVideoPress and addressed the separation, which was real, the myth was quickly put to rest. Lawley said that their breakup was amicable and that he referred to her as a close friend. When discussing their breakup, he said,

“There was nothing wrong with the decision; it was a consensual one.
I still adore her, she remains a close friend, and I only have the best intentions for her. Our love was mutual, and things are still going well.
People inevitably drift away, so I suppose it was just our time.”

On the other side, Andrea Rose Russett encouraged her admirers to respect her privacy and realize that she wanted their breakup to be private. Despite her desire to keep her personal affairs private, the fact that she had revealed her connection to the public made it more difficult for her to refrain from talking about it.

She was eventually asked to answer to Kian’s assertion, and she acknowledged that while it was a mutual breakup, it was still not a clean breakup. She also suggests that although Kian may have overestimated their coolness, she still thinks the two of them will become friends.

But when Andrea criticized Kian’s then-rumored girlfriend, Meredith Michelson, for calling her names, any chance of them being friends was dashed. But it’s still unclear whether Mickelson told the 26-year-old Russett such remarks or just hinted at them.

The former couple appeared to have broken up permanently after this encounter, and their chances of becoming friends were remote.
Fans consequently began to gradually let go of their desire for the couple to come together. When it was discovered that Russett had participated in season 2 of Kian’s well-known YouTube program “The Reality House,” #Kiandrea began to trend once more on social media.

The two appeared to have worked out their differences and were living their lives as two responsible adults. Russett appeared to have put the past behind him and was friendly with the presenter, Lawley. Whatever problems they may have had in the past, it appears as if they have resolved them and now appreciate one other unconditionally. The second attempt might not have been successful.

For a long time, the 26-year-old kept her dating life private. She didn’t confirm or reject the rumors, even when they were circulating about the YouTuber. She might not have been able to reveal her current relationship freely due to the stress surrounding her former one.

But in 2020, photojournalists Hunter Moreno and Russett made their romance public. After the two seeming lovers exchanged nice comments, some speculated that the 26-year-old might be dating a man.

When Moreno, 26, said how fortunate he is to have her in his life, it was clear that they were in a committed relationship. After that, it became well known that Russett was indeed dating someone. People were more interested to see how her dating life as an adult would go since her dating life has been in the spotlight since she was a youngster.

The two appeared to get along great. The two separated themselves at home and placed themselves under quarantine.

“Self quarantining with my photographer boyfriend be like,” wrote Andrea with a photo.

It appeared as though the photographer had the model to himself full-time. The images released were magnificent in every way, and they are still available on Russett’s Twitter page. People believed the pair would be stronger than ever after being quarantined together and spending so much time alone.

After responding to fan queries on her YouTube video, Russett, 26, startled her admirers when she disclosed that she did not have a partner. They both unfollowed each other on social media, yet it’s unclear why they broke up as neither of them has shared anything.

Hunter is dating Tana Mongeau, a well-known YouTube personality, and they appear to get along well even though the status of Russett’s relationship is now uncertain.

Open and Wide

Russett, 26, spent a considerable amount of time concealing her true emotions as a result of her personal life being scrutinized and dissected by the media and fans. She did, however, eventually have the confidence to come out as bisexual to the public.

For someone who has always been associated with males and had relationships with them, coming out as bisexual to the public was difficult. However, she announced her coming out openly in a tweet in 2018 and thanked everyone for supporting her.

She received compliments and accolades, but she was also the target of criticism. Since she has never been with a woman, many people believed that her claim that she is bisexual is untrue. Knowing that one must still justify their label even after coming out, she felt frustrated.

On July 19, 2020, Russett sent a devastating tweet in which she discussed how difficult it has been for her to be accepted as bisexual because she has never dated women.

Tweeted she

“I came out years ago, but I’ve fought a lot with my sexuality in the past month.
Also, I feel as though my sexuality is never taken seriously because I’ve never dated a lady who isn’t a “genuine” bisexual.
I often wish I was straight or lesbian rather than bisexual.”

We wish the 26-year-old a beautiful love life with whoever she chooses, without being condemned for it, and we give her all the love and healing we can muster. The 26-year-old YouTuber is proud of her amazing career despite having experienced failed romances and personal hardships.

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