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Amid Married & Wife Questions, YouTuber Daniel M. Keem Reveals Cute Daughter; His Response

Daniel M. Keem

Daniel M. Keem, also known as Keemstar, is a well-known YouTube personality. On his channel, Drama Alert, he posts various trolls and drama videos.

Keem is a controversial figure who frequently gets into trouble for his insensitive and racist remarks. Due to the controversies, he had his previous YouTube channels suspended.

The celebrity, who has kept his personal life private, shocked his audience when he revealed that he has a daughter.

What is the Net Worth of Daniel M. Keem? Salary, Earnings

Daniel’s personal life has remained private as of 2018. Daniel, who has a net worth of $2 million, is most likely preoccupied with his YouTube career to providing a better future for his lover and daughter.

Daniel M. Keem- Relationship, Girlfriend

Daniel mentioned having a girlfriend back in 2017. On May 13, he shared a post about his partner discovering an old disposable camera.
He has not, however, revealed the identity of his girlfriend.

Daniel admitted to being in a relationship, but he denied having a wife. Daniel revealed in a tweet on October 24, 2017, that he is not married and will never marry.

He is not married to his girlfriend, but they live as a family with his daughter Mia. On Halloween 2017, Keem shared a photo of his partner and daughter dressed as a unicorn and a vampire, respectively.

Keem’s girlfriend, however, is not the mother of his child.

Discusses Daughter

Mia, it turns out, is Daniel’s adopted child. He does, however, adore his daughter as a child. On several occasions, he has mentioned his daughter Mia on social media.

On April 20, 2014, he made the first mention of his daughter in a tweet. A Twitter user mocked the YouTube star for his frequent presence on the social media site, telling him to spend his time with his family instead of wasting time on Twitter.

In response, Daniel insulted the user known as Noteful. Daniel stated in his tweet,

“In response to @Noteful_Mia, my four-year-old daughter, has more money than you.”
@Noteful_ I believe you can stop with the life advice…

He stood up to speak about his daughter Mia. However, the mother’s identity remained hidden in the basement. Daniel, who stands 1.78 meters tall, brought up his daughter in another conversation a few months after the previous incident.

On August 28, 2014, a Twitter user named Prazma Cannon called him a “virus” for not taking responsibility for his daughter, Daniel responded by claiming Mia had more money in her bank account than the user’s entire family’s net worth.

Daniel may have mentioned his daughter on several occasions, but the identity of Mia, as well as her appearance, remained a mystery to his followers. However, on June 12, 2016, he shared a short video on Twitter titled “Mia Exposed,” in which Daniel was seen having fun with his daughter.

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