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Amber Laign

Amber Laign

Amber Laign- Biography

Amber Laign (born September 6, 1974, age 47) is a massage therapist and businesswoman from the United States. Her regular media appearances with her companion Robin Rene Roberts are well-known. Because they are of the same gender, they have been romancing each other. Amber, a proud member of the LGBTQ community, made news recently owing to her cancer diagnosis. She had been experiencing cancer symptoms for some time before being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the month of 2021.

Miss. Robin Roberts, Amber’s same-sex partner, shared the news on Instagram and Twitter. Robin had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and then with myelodysplastic syndrome, rare blood, and bone marrow disorder, in 2012. Amber’s girlfriend also thanked several people in their link for keeping this news out of the public eye until Laign felt safe disclosing it on February 24th. Miss. Roberts stated in her video that Amber has been with her for 17 years and that she has assisted and supported her during her terrible times when she was suffering from cancer, and that it is now her duty to be with Amber during her difficult times of life.

What is the Net Worth of Amber Laign? Salary, Earnings

Amber makes a nice living by selling health products on her eCommerce website. From there, years of collaboration with Marci Freed culminated in a net valuation of $1.2 million USD, which many people find fascinating. But it’s true, and she’s made a million dollars completely through her own efforts. Amber has kept her social media accounts private, so little about her affluent lifestyle has been published. However, according to Robins’ story, they have both been sighted leaving their state to visit numerous attractive towns and beaches.

Amber Laign- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Amber Laign, the love partner and queer miss, was born in California on September 6, 1974, to American parents. Laign, a 47-year-old prominent figure, grew up in Lebanon, New Jersey, where her family moved when she was a kid. While living in Clayton Valley, she completed her education at Round Valley Middle School and subsequently graduated from Clayton Valley High School. While in school, she was the color guard captain for her school’s marching band. She finished a one-year program at The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences later that year, in 2008-2009.

Amber Laign’s Parents

Many people are interested in Queer Miss. Amber’s family history, but most are unaware that she has kept her personal life hidden. Her Instagram is also set to private since she does not want people to find out more about her family. Laign’s sole information about her parents is that Paul Laign is her father’s name and Andrea Laign is her mother’s name. Her siblings have been researched, but nothing has been discovered.

Amber Laign- Relationship, Married Life

Miss Amber’s love and same-sex partner Miss. Robin Roberts has known her for 17 years. Her girlfriend is currently a Good Morning America anchor for the ABC network. In 2005, they met on a blind date through a mutual friend. Amber’s spouse, the Robin, had indicated in the interview that Amber was uninterested in sports and rarely watched sporting events. She had never seen Robin on ESPN or ABC before their first meeting.

The major thing that has been consistent between them yet, according to Roberts, is their good vibe toward each other. Amber and I have been dating since 2005. Robin first revealed her relationship secret to the public in a Facebook post in 2013. In a Facebook message, Robin thanked everyone who assisted her during her arduous cancer treatment.

Robin thanked her sister and Amber in person. It was unknown at the time that Amber and Robin knew each other and had connections. Robin and Amber are still together, although they prefer to rely on each other throughout the week. They did it because they thought it would help them keep their relationship going for a long time.

Amber Laign’s Professional Career

Amber’s occupation is that of a professional Massage Therapist. Amber had worked as a Sales Representative at Berger and Stevens, a sales office in New York, at the outset of her struggle. She will work as a Sales Representative there for the next nine years. She worked in sales for a while before enrolling at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences for a year to become a massage therapist.

Amber then continued to provide clients with deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, and trigger point body massage. Between 2007 and 2012, when her partner was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer, Amber researched the benefits of essential oils and how they benefit the human body.

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, she had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Marci Freede, an advocate for essential oils. Mrs. Freede is a painter and the owner of the essential oil business. Amber started her own essential oil company with Marci Freede to assist people to nurture their health. She is currently making a lot of money from her business. Amber has given her company the moniker Plant Juice Oils.

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