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Amanda Brugel Shares Parenting Advice- Get To Know Her Children

Amanda brugel

Amanda Brugel has demonstrated her versatility in mainstream films, indie films, and on television. You can hardly tell, but the award-winning actress is a real-life mother of two! Her position as a wonderful mother to her adorable children is now added to her list.

Meet Amanda Brugel’s Kids

Amanda Brugel is the mother of two sons, Jude Mason Lewis and Phoenix Lewis. Being a mother is a demanding job in and of itself, but combining it with the rigorous work schedule of an actress sounds like a prescription for disaster.

Amanda, on the other hand, has a unique parenting approach. She pays attention to her children’s wants and needs and then acts on them. In her household, playtime and productive time go hand in hand, and she has discovered the right balance.

The lads are maturing quickly and establishing their hobbies and personalities. Her older son is a sports lover who enjoys soccer, whilst her younger son is more artistic and enjoys dancing and surfing.

Amanda has successfully found a link between their disparate interests. The key is to give each of them their own time and attention. She revealed to US Weekly,

I try to give them the same amount of attention at different times. So if he plays soccer until 6 p.m., we’ll have a dance party and a new art activity after that. I try to be innovative with what we do in terms of dance and soccer.

This way, both kids are content, and by the end of the day, they’ve all spent some wonderful family time together. As a result, Amanda and her children are quite close.

They do, however, comprehend the nature of their mother’s employment. You’d think that saying goodbye to work would be difficult for the kids, yet the reverse is true.

Brugel mentioned that her children assist her in getting ready to leave the house. She revealed.

“Oh, it doesn’t match that,” my youngest will say, or “Are you wearing that out?”
“It’s absolutely hilarious.
While I’m getting ready, they’ll pull my extensions over their heads and play with my clothes.
It’s adorable!

Again, this would not have been possible without Amanda’s excellent parenting skills. As a result, the boys are maturing into fine young men. But they aren’t upset by their mother leaving for work because they have another excellent pal in the house.

Aidan Shipley, Amanda’s boyfriend, is an actor and filmmaker who has a terrific relationship with the kids. So the two lovebirds’ relationship is quite serious.

“From abroad, I still have children to raise and a life to lead.
In my absence, this man has stepped in alongside my mother to lift, challenge, pursue, read a bedtime tale, feed, and nurture “She posted it on Instagram, giving Aidan credit where credit is due.

Aidan is fantastic with the kids, and he looks fantastic by Amanda’s side. They’ve been together for nearly three years and are doing well. Is a wedding on the horizon for them? We don’t know yet, but we’re excited to find out.

Amanda had previously been married to Marcel Lewis. She has two children with him, but they are no longer together. Regardless, a new love has taken over her life.

“You bring joy and happiness to everyone you encounter. You are adored, “The actress wrote in her boyfriend’s Instagram birthday message. Similarly, Aidan returned the energy as he wrote, “Thank you for the most wonderful two years of my life.

The couple will have to wait for many more celebrations in the coming years.

And Amanda Brugel has a beautiful existence, surrounded by her adorable children and spouse, as well as a successful job in the film.

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