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All You Should Know About Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer is most likely recognized to you as Drew Holt from Parenthood or as Alex Standall from 13 Reasons Why. On-screen, the Kentucky native’s brilliance is evident, but he doesn’t appear to realize how much of a star he is. Although he doesn’t have a large body of work, his role in 13 Reasons Why makes him a star.

Miles is a laid-back individual who also happens to be daring and ambitious. His risky decision to relocate to California in quest of chances is the foundation of his acting career. Miles appears to be a successful actor who will continue to work for many years. He possesses the ideal blend of abilities and practical knowledge needed to become a megastar.

Where was Miles Heizer born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family

Miles was born in Greenville, Kentucky, on May 16, 1994. Alongside his older sister Moriah, he grew up. In Kentucky, Miles began his acting career by participating in local theater performances. Before relocating to Los Angeles to give Miles more acting possibilities, his family had lived in Kentucky for a while.

For Miles and his family, it was a gamble because there was no assurance that the move would be successful. Miles discussed the transition with Under the Mag;

“Now that I look back on it, it was very crazy. I wouldn’t say, “Yeah, let’s relocate to another state to pursue something that may or may not work out at all,” if I had the same thinking I do now. We did move out here, though, because I was young and wanted to do it at the time.

His mother is a nurse, so she was aware that she could find employment elsewhere. His sister, though, wasn’t entirely in favor of the change. Although she appreciated what Miles was doing, she found it difficult to adjust to life in Los Angeles. She eventually learned to love Los Angeles though, and it took some time.

Miles wasn’t very affected by the relocation to Los Angeles because he was only ten years old at the time. He is accustomed to living in Los Angeles, yet he still looks forward to visiting Kentucky. He disclosed to Under the Radar;

“I enjoy visiting there because, and this is so humiliating, but the food is amazing, and I always want to go back for that reason, and of course to see my family,” the speaker said.

Jack claimed to Hero Magazine that the movie School of Rock gave him the desire to pursue acting.

Miles’ risky decision to relocate to Los Angeles greatly Paid Off

When Miles made his on-screen debut in season 3 of CSI: Miami, the decision to go to Los Angeles quickly paid off. He had the lead role in the 2006 short film Paramedic. He had a cameo appearance in the horror series Ghost Whisperer later that year.

In the movie Rails & Ties, he played Davey Danner, which was his first acting gig.

Even though the movie didn’t do well financially, Miles’ performance was highly praised. He made multiple TV appearances in 2007, including ones on Shark, Bones, and Private Practice. Additionally, Miles secured a recurring part on ER.

He portrayed Carlon Lind in the 2008 short film Loon. He was cast as Drew Holt in the drama series Parenthood in 2010. Along with Sarah Braverman, Craig T. Nelson, and Camille Braverman, he played characters in the show. Miles portrayed a shy youngster yearning for a strong masculine role model. He played the lead character in the 2010–2015 television series.

Miles appeared in several short films in the meantime, including The Arm, The Red Thunder, and Rudderless. The television series 13 Reasons Why cast Miles in the role of Alex Standall in 2017. In the television show, Alex is cited as the third cause of Hannah Baker’s (Katherine Langford) suicide.

He plays multiple instruments and likes to compose music in his own time.

In his free time, Miles performs music and is quite talented. He acknowledged: “My major hobby is music, I record a lot, and I genuinely love making music,” in an interview with Hero Magazine.

The majority of Miles’ music is made available on SoundCloud and YouTube. He has written several songs, including Now I Know and Almost. In front of live audiences, Miles also gives performances. At The Smell in Los Angeles, he gave his debut performance. In an interview with Hero Magazine, he discussed his experience;

There were a ton of people there, and it was incredibly dark and strange. I was quite anxious and it was truly terrible.

Alicia Keys was Miles’ primary Musical Inspiration

Miles encouraged Connor Jessup, his boyfriend, to come out as gay.

At age 19, Miles came out as gay. Although he was reluctant to share, he eventually found the strength to do so with his loved ones. The year he came out, Miles went to his first Pride march and felt at ease being surrounded by like-minded individuals. He said to L’Officiel:

Being with individuals to that I could truly relate was enjoyable. It was such a pleasant sensation to be surrounded by individuals who understood me and had experienced the same things as me because up until that point, I hadn’t had many interactions with members of the community.

It took Connor Jessup more time to reveal himself as Miles’ lover. He dared to come out in public thanks to Miles’ backing. According to Connor, a Locke & Key actor, Attitude:

“I fell in love, which I think may have been one of the sparks at the start of the fuse that made me decide to come out. It forced me to consider how I have built my entire life in a way that I had been ignoring. If that hadn’t happened, I most likely wouldn’t have “come out.”

Conner and Miles accompanied each other on the Toronto Pride march. Heizer found Toronto’s pride to be more enjoyable than LA’s. According to Miles, it was insane. It was undoubtedly more chaotic than the one I attended in Los Angeles.

Mae Whitman, his co-star in the film Parenthood, is close to him, although their friendship is only platonic.

Miles gained a lot of attention as an actor because of his appearance in Parenthood, and he also became a best friend. Miles claimed that he was taken aback by how quickly he was cast in the Parenthood role. Before that, he had attended numerous auditions, the majority of which had failed. But all it took was one audition for him to get the part on the show.

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