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All You Need To Know About Miya Marcano Parents

Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano was sadly found dead in Orlando, Florida. After looking through the cell phone records of the alleged murderer, Armando Manuel Caballero, a maintenance worker who worked and lived where Miya did, authorities discovered Marcano’s body. Three days after Miya disappeared, Armando allegedly committed suicide.

Sheriff John W. Mina indicated that officials are “quite certain” that the retrieved body corresponds to Miya, even though the medical examiner has not yet verified Miya’s identity. Widespread search attempts involving friends and relatives were put to a stop by the discovery.

Miya’s father and family have requested privacy as they plan Miya’s farewell

Minutes before her body was discovered, Miya’s father, Marlon Marcano, wrote his final update about her. My heart is shattered! I want it to be entire once more. I have to locate you quickly,” he posted on Instagram.

Marlon has taken the lead in the hunt for his daughter Miya, posting frequently and offering rewards for information leading to Miya’s location. The unfortunate turn of events has crushed him and the rest of his family.

Through their lawyer, Daryl K. Washington, the bereaved family made a statement. The following statement captured the parents’ suffering:

“It has been depressing to learn of Miya’s disappearance, who is 19 years old. Every parent’s worst nightmare has come true. We, along with her family, friends, and loved ones, are deeply saddened by the news that she has been found dead. She was a beautiful young woman with a bright future.

The family’s determination to seek justice for Miya was also declared by Daryl. Additional to the deceased Armando Manuel Caballero, the police have not named any other suspects. Washington continued, “We want to emphasize that we believe her disappearance and subsequent death was 100% preventable, and we want to punish those involved to the fullest extent of the law.

He pleaded with the public to respect the family’s privacy before leaving. Washington stated,

At this time, the family will not be speaking with any media; however, we will provide the media with additional information in the following days.

Marlon Marcano wrote that the family hasn’t started a crowdfunding campaign.

The statement states,

Please remember that our family is NOT involved with any GoFundMe campaigns or any group seeking the public for financial donations. A son is shared by Miya’s father and her partner.

Miya Marcano father shares a son with her partner Giselle Suling

Giselle is a radio host and the Caribbean’s Cultural Ambassador. On social media, she uses the alias Wassi One.

As the family looked for Miya, Suling begged her followers for help. She called the late 19-year-old, Mimi, with fondness. She captioned one of her posts with the following phrase:

I’m here right now. I’m at my limit with this, Mimi. I won’t succeed. Aid me in aiding you. Give me some vibes. You’re aware of Dad, Mimi.

Giselle celebrated Marlon’s birthday in happier times by mentioning the couple’s struggles in the Instagram caption.

The post states that “what we have experienced would have broken most.” Giselle continued:

“I pray that God continues to abundantly bless you with sound health, firm faith, the serenity of mind, wealth, and purity of heart. May others around you always show and feel love for you. I HEART YOU WITH ALL MY BEING.

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