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All You Need To Know About David Dobrik’s Sister Sara Dobrik

Sara Dobrik

Sara Dobrik, a younger sister of David Dobrik, is a well-known YouTuber renowned for his titular vlog channel. As a co-creator of the photography app Dispo, he is also well-known.

His high-energy movies with inside jokes, cute animals, Vine and YouTube stars, genuine celebrities, and numerous comedic bit characters are essentially how Sara’s brother gained notoriety.

His vlog channel had 18.3 million followers and around 7 billion views by the year 2022. The eldest of Dobrik’s children was the sixth most-watched YouTube creator channel in 2019 with 2.4 billion views.

Sara, David’s teenage sister, is well-known to her brother’s followers despite having fewer than 100k Instagram followers (but more than 400k on Tiktok). Sara doesn’t seem to be interested in the game of internet celebrity.

Where was Sara Dobrik born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Education

The youngest sister of David Dobrik, Sara Dobrik, was born in August 2006, and she turns six on August 6. Even though her brother David is well-known on YouTube, little is known about her parents.

The now-16-year-old adolescent is Slovak on her father’s side; he was born in Choice; and Hungarian on her mother’s side. Sara has never been to Slovakia, unlike her older brother and sister Ester who have both traveled to their parent’s native country.

Except for Dobrik, who alternates between Los Angeles and his home state, her family has lived in Illinois since they relocated there when her brother, David, was just six years old.

While her mother’s identity is unknown, she has only been referred to as “Mrs. Dobrik” on the few instances when she has made an appearance in her eldest son’s films. Her father is a photographer named Pavo Dobrik.


Reddit claims that Sara and David’s mother has only infrequently appeared on his social media, including the aforementioned TikTok video. Only a few pictures of her from the Dobrik family were found in David’s first apartment before he became well-known.

On Sara Dobrik’s TikTok, Ester Dobrik’s mother can be seen. In actuality, her parents have only made a small number of appearances in David’s videos, largely in the past. In a 2018 vlog, for instance, Sara’s well-known brother revealed that he had purchased his father a new automobile.

Although David’s mother only briefly makes an appearance in the film, her presence on his social media is far more infrequent than her father’s. One of the few instances that people have seen Sara’s mother is on Ester’s Tiktok, albeit it is not the only one.

Sara also has two other siblings.

She has two siblings, Ester and Toby, who are the youngest and older than her in the Dobrik family, in addition to David. Sara has not yet disclosed her school, unlike David and Ester, her older sister. She reportedly attends Vernon Hills High School in Chicago, Illinois, though.

Her sister Ester Dobrik is a fashion designer with a line of her own.

Sara Dobrik was she adopted?

It is unknown if her YouTube celebrity brother David’s jokes that they are truly adopted during a Q&A with his siblings are accurate. Sara was well-liked at her school.

In one of David’s earlier recordings, Sara admits to being the popular child at her school. When Dobrik the eldest questioned if any of his siblings had used marijuana, Sara responded, “Yeah, that’s me,” in the same video. It’s unclear from Sara’s reaction if she was being serious or joking.

Is Sara Dobrik Single? Relationship

Although it seems like she is unmarried right now, Sara’s TikTok suggests David Dobrik’s younger sister may have had a partner in the past. A brief film called Sara Dobrik Recreates Pictures With Her Boyfriend shows a few pictures of Sara and her putative boyfriend at the time recreating well-known pictures from the internet.

David, Sara’s brother, posted the video to YouTube. Sara hasn’t brought up this alleged relationship in a long time, which is curious. Furthermore, it’s not known who he was, when the youngster initially started dating him, or even if they were ever a pair. The status of the reported couple’s relationship is likewise unknown.

The popular q and a video of David and all of his siblings, in which the Slovak-American YouTuber taunts Sara by referring to her as the girlfriend of a man named Griffin, is a parody worth remembering. It seems that Griffin was a classmate of Sara’s. However, Sara instantly refutes the claim that Griffin is her partner in the video, which has received over 11 million views, and claims that he is simply some guy she thinks likes her.

Social Media Details

Sara’s followers on Instagram and Tiktok have recently observed her standing occasionally in front of a computer while holding a joystick, and many of them think she may be thinking about a career in online gaming.

Although Sara has appeared in David Dobrik’s vlogs, her parents have disallowed her to do so. When they were younger, David’s vlog hardly ever featured Sara and her other two siblings. Many people think this is because of how the content is presented or how far apart they are geographically.

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