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All You Need To Know About Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante has participated in Storage Wars since 2010. In the television series Storage Wars, seasoned buyers bud on stale storage lockers in search of undiscovered gold. The drawback is that a storage unit could be filled with useless junk, making the bid a poor financial decision.

Along with her then-partner Jarrod Schulz, Passante entered the program and quickly made a name for herself as a savvy buyer and skilled negotiator. Although the pair experienced ups and downs, they continuously placed winning bids. In 2014, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job, a brief spinoff series, featured the duo.

Where Is Brandi Passante Now?

Few people anticipated that “the young guns,” Jarrod and Brandi, would end their relationship despite their many arguments on the show. It turns out that the couple discontinued their relationship following season 12 of filming. The series premiered in November 2018. During a 2020 Facebook Love interview with The Dad Diary, Brandi discussed the split.

When host Danny Jordan questioned her about how she was managing to be a single parent to her children, son Cameron and daughter Payton, she responded, “I did a lot of it on my own anyhow, but it’s the scary dad voice in the background that we’re missing.

Fans of Storage Wars, who didn’t know about the breakup, learned about it after watching the first episode of season 13.

Brandi Passante declared,

I’m not with Jarrod anymore. Both of them would continue to work on the show, but Jarrod announced that they would do it independently. We can still attend an auction even though Brandi and I aren’t together anymore, Jarrod replied. Just separately. The first episode featured several encounters between the two, which served as a preview of potential future conflicts between them.

Fortunately, I don’t encounter him frequently. Three years have passed since our breakup, and while I would want to say that it was somewhat amicable, it wasn’t. Even though it is a little tense, we manage to get through it.

After Schulz was charged with minor domestic violence battery for pushing Brandi after their argument in a bar, Brandi and Jarrod’s future on the show appears to be in doubt. According to TMZ, Schulz accosted Brandi while she was out with pals in an Orange County club. Brandi demanded Schulz leave the bar after a dispute.

Brandi’s focus is on raising her children and not on finding another partner

On The Dad Diary, Brandi said,

“I have them [the kids] all the time; they’re here with me 24/7 so I have to handle that.”

Now that Brandi is responsible for raising the kids by herself, she has more obligations. She used to share Payton and Cameron on social media frequently, but as a result of the remarks people leave, she now only posts sometimes.

Alongside Instagram pictures of her kid that were published in February 2020, Brandi stated, “I stopped uploading pics of my babies.

Because some shady characters were pursuing them. I am hesitant to upload this since I am so happy with how adorable my daughter looks in her winter formal outfit. Don’t be a jerk.

Passante has complied with Cameron and Payton’s requests to avoid the spotlight

She told Distractify,

As they’ve gotten older, they don’t care for some of the parts of it. They are now teens, ages 17 and 15, so they have their own lives and don’t want to be involved right now.

Although Brandi has gone on a few dates, she doesn’t feel the need to date right now. During a visit to the Spirit Talk YouTube channel, she said, “I’m kind of coming into my own and figuring out who I am.

“I’ve gone on dates and done things like that, but right now I’m not actively looking for anything like that. I’m holding off till I start to connect with someone.

Passante is excited about the future since her kids are doing well and because she can’t wait to take on Storage Wars with the aid of her pals.

She told Distractify,

“I brought a few friends with me and I think it’s going to be humorous and intriguing. I think I’m more thrilled about this season than I have been in the past.

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