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All About Troy Johnston Wife Ni Nyoman Purnianti? Perth Father Kids And Family

Ni Nyoman Purnianti

Ni Nyoman Purnianti is Troy Johnston’s wife. He was a Perth father who was murdered. More on the murder of the Australian can be found here. Troy Scott Johnston, an Australian citizen on vacation with his wife and child, was killed in a bar brawl in South Kuta, Bali.

An inebriated Johnston was allegedly bashed on the head with a chair at a cafe by an Indonesian. According to reports, he died as a result of a severe cranial injury. Gede Wijaya, the alleged murderer, has been apprehended and taken into police custody.

He denies killing Johnston and claims that the accident was in self-defense. The case has received widespread media attention because an Australian tourist was killed in Indonesia, raising concerns about the safety of visitors to the country. Troy Johnston, 40, of Perth, worked at Rio Tinto’s Perth Airport operations center as an airport controller.

Ni Nyoman Purnianti Is Troy Johnston’s Wife

Troy Johnston’s Indonesian wife, Ni Nyoman Purinati, is an Australian citizen. The couple had been married for a while and were on vacation in South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Mr. Johnston, 40, was killed in a bar fight earlier in the day, so the vacation proved fatal.

Ni Nyoman Purnianti and Troy Scott Johnston, her husband, were on vacation in Bali with their child. Mr. Johnston of Perth went out drinking around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Purnianti called her husband around 10:30 p.m., and he said he was still drinking but would be home soon.

However, after her husband did not return until 3:45 a.m., the distraught wife went in search of him. When she arrived at Uncle Benz Cafe, she was astounded to discover her husband’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on the terrace. Johnston was suffering from a severe head wound. He died as a result of a cranial injury.

Troy Johnston, a father from Perth, was killed in a bar brawl in Bali

Troy Johnston’s wife, Ni Nyoman Purnianti, immediately called the police after discovering him dead. Gede Wijaya, the owner of Uncle Benz Cafe, was identified as his murderer after authorities arrived at the scene. During interrogation, Wijaya initially denied killing, but later admitted to accidentally killing Johnston.

According to Gedo Wijaya, Johnston was drunk and throwing bottles on the street. Wijaya approached the Australian tourist first and tried to calm him down. However, he was attacked and slammed to the ground by the drunk foreigner. According to the perpetrator, the two then wrestled on the floor before Johnston got up and allegedly grabbed and threw a chair at him.

In turn, Wijaya snatched the chair away from him, causing him to fall and suffer severe head injuries. Ni Nyoman Purinati, Troy Johnston’s wife, disputes Wijaya’s claim and believes he murdered her husband. What happened during the fight and whether Wijaya hit Johnston with a chair are still under investigation. Gede Wijaya faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty of murder.

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